From The Archives: In Pria Kataria Puri

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As much as I love her hair and that flower on Amrit, am too distracted by her holding up the dress. Can’t help but think of a certain men’s clothing item that starts with an ‘L’! 😛 (Thanks to you, ‘sue’, we’ve got that image in our heads!)

P.S. You can catch Shilpa in a yellow version of the same dress Here.


Left: Pria Kataria Puri, Spring 2008
Right: Amrit Maghera at Olive Anniversary Brunch


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  1. jajaja! hmm i’ve heard that lungi comment when Mehr was holding up her black dress. Payal, Plagiarism is BAD! 😀 But this one sure does look a lungi, a fancy one which i think the Malays or Burmese wear? 🙂

  2. she looks good though, poor girl, lungi must be the last thing she wanted to have comparison to, i bet 🙂

    Love her make up, accessories and hair and the flower too. nice!


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