One In Every Color?

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Of all the nice options in the whole wide world, she wears another scarf dress. And a ghastlier one at that too!


Left: Ameesha Patel at Salaam-E-Comedy Awards
Right: Ameesha Patel at Manish Malhotra Show at LFW

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  1. I like (most of) the construction, NOT the print. I feel as if she needs a fruit bowl on her head and a conga line to go with that second version!

  2. I don’t like her off-screen nor on-screen images. Her makeup is too blah and outfits scream ‘look at me, I’m a fashionista 2.’ She tries too hard and it shows.

  3. i think she looks good in these dresses! I like the prints even more, just because she doesn’t over complicate things by adding to many accessories


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