It’s All Relative

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Ameesha attended the launch of a new designer label on Thursday wearing a black tank top with uber-distressed camo pants and Louboutin booties. If it was any other event, I’d get the combo but here it stuck out like a sore thumb.

However, it has to be said, compare the pants look with the denim shorts one that she sported at a friend’s birthday and suddenly it looked so much better! Still shaking my head over that WTHeyyy!


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hot body, but wish She would take a tip or two from karishma about dressing age appropriately. Also maybe a little less makeup would be good for her.

  2. What a sad way of catching attention.. and its not even a look worthy. she has such an amazing body… if clad properly, it will look much more better and not to forget makeup. But then some people just don’t have that dressing sense . And some do.

  3. Egad..I can’t even imagine what my amma and paati would say to me for dressing like this…that the only reason I dress carefully. Because I’m terrified of the women in my family- let me include my sisters in that. So important to be terrified of someone.

  4. Why on earth does she apply highlighter on her chin! I’m really curious to know… It doesn’t even photograph well, I’m sure it looks even funnier in person, so why ! Why why!

  5. Loud and Trashy! With her pink lingerie peeking out !! She will get catcalls if she walks around in either of the two outfits. Her hair and makeup is terrible! This is definitely WTHeeyyyy!!!

  6. Tacky and crass as is the way she looks, its an improvement over her saree wearing days with that b**b highlighting pallu drape ; the onus for promoting that drape which has now been taken over by shriya saran! Also no ashen pancake makeup!
    You go guuurrrrl!


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