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It was red for these three ladies at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour preview press meet. Dressed/styled by their respective designers, who of the three you think came out on top?

Left: Ameesha Patel In Neeta Lulla
Centre: Preeti Desai In Rakesh Agarvwal
Right: Shriya Saran In Asmita Marwa

L To R: Ameesha Patel, Preeti Desai And Shriya Saran

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • EXACTLY!
      I think a lot of us are surprised that Ameesha was able to rock this look. I think red is her color (remember her dress during production company launch party?) She looks gorgeous here!!

  1. ameesha is looking best of three and shriya worst.preeti desai is looking older than her age and looking like vamp out of english movie

    • i agree…i am surprised to say ameesha looks the best of the lot. Wish preeti (who is she ??) dint have such stark eye make up.

  2. Obviously Amisha looks the best..can’t believe how that happened.. and styled by Neeta Lulla!! The same woman who made Aishwarya look gaudy at Cannes.. now this is a huge accomplishment for Neeta and Amisha..

  3. Preeti looks real hot here, and as Mad Momma says without any skin show. Ameesha looks well dressed, for a change ;)… and Shriya….if only that dress was not velvet…. but yet, I would say she looked good with minimal accessories…what a change from her usual stuff…

  4. I cannot believe I am saying this, but Amisha’s looks the best, love her dress (for once it fits her) also the hair and make up are just right, I do like preeti’s dress but do not care for the razor straight hair

  5. ameesha in such long dress ! nice, but she she should change her hairstyle once in a while.
    even though its velvet on Shriya she looks nice, like the simple accesories.
    Preeti’s dress looks like a dress i have seen it before either on shilpa or sushmita, not liking her hairstyle & eye makeup.

    Shriya & Ameesha have potential to look good but their dresses & makeup let them down many times.

  6. Shriya’s look is really similar to deepika padukone’s look when she appeared on india’s most desirable. Same bouffant-ish hair and almost similar red draped one shoulder dress…..

  7. I don’t understand why people have to ‘hate’ to admit that Ameesha is looking the best of the three. She looks bad more often than good, but when she’s looking good what’s the problem in saying it?

  8. Shriya looks as though she’s ready to play the part of Shiva in some high school drama…All she needs is a trident in her hand.


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