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Amala, who will serve as the celeb motivator for team Chennai at the Celebrity Badminton League, attended the launch event wearing a beaded Kartikeya mini.

While she looked good, I do wish the mesh design wasn’t so low on the bust. Agree?


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    • Hey avani I dont even wear fondation,I look different shades in different pictures,so also most of my friends,also thse celebrities are frequently exposed to sunlight during their shoots , there is still a lot of stigma attzched to dark skin in india especially if you are celebrity,pc is considered very beautiful in the western world but she used to be called kaali by her aunty and not good enough for indians compared to the likes of kareena, I need to say this indian people have the worst attitude towards skin color and beauty,even ordinary wonen are considered beautiful in india if they are fair andeven the most beauiful ones are not considered good enough if they are not superwhite


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