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Amala attended the teaser launch of her upcoming movie wearing a salmon pink sari paired with a white potli. She looked charming.


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  1. Given the kerfuffle over Sai Pallavi’s saree looks, this is definitely in the lazy category. It’s badly draped for starters. And honestly I think Payal, you tend to give a wide berth to anyone who wears anything remotely handloom. She looks charming, yes but that’s got nothing to do what she’s wearing or actually how she’s wearing it.

    • This is a perfectly fine drape. I see no issue with it. In fact her hair and makeup is perfect. And to clarify, the critique was on hair and makeup for Sai Pallavi.
      Amala’s saree drape is in fact a lovely comfortable drape considering her seniority and the fabric in question.

    • Could you clarify what she is wearing and how she is wearing? Should her saree be better to feature? Should her drape be the “correct way to drape saree per hhc experts”?

      In numerous posts here, maybe one or two or wow. So how is this more lazy than some regular brand name top and trousers (see today’s Deepika post), young girl in a palazzo suit or simple dress kind of posts that often feature here? Payal has the same tone for all these posts so I don’t see a wide berth.

      Rather I feel simple, artless handloom looks make people uneasy. It’s like if a saree has to feaure it has to be gorgeous, draped a particular way (even though a saree is a garment where apart from some basic rules the drape is left to the wearer) and avoid a one boob show and so on. A simple cotton saree seems to not be worthy of any attention from a fashion point of view.

      Personally I find that Amala has manitained the same, minimalist style which reflects her personality. Sure not everyone’s sort of look but hardly merits a sweeping generalisation like lazy.

    • That’s how some fabrics fall.. not all sarees can be draped tight.. seen my mom struggle with silk, handloom, linen, and few more traditional weaves from banaras to Calcutta. Maybe cotton and georgette are easier to drape with proper pleats.


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