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Between the striped Adidas separates that she teamed with her chunky sneakers and the floral Stella McCartney dress that she paired with yellow ankle-strap sandals, no prizes for guessing which we liked her more in. Yup, it was the latter… The mini was a good pick for her; Alia looked good!

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I know site features women more but little weird that you haven’t featured the main actor and director of what seems to be a well received movie at the film festival. I ts like seeing Vicky Kaushal wall to wall for Raazi promotions! Looks are nice enough anyway, Alia has charm.

    PS: No it is their blog their choice replies. I know it and this is my comment.

  2. I like the Addidas – it is much more in character for her Gully Boy look. Actresses need not look like pretty little dolls all the time, they can also have fun with street style especially when the occasion calls for it, like with Gully Boy.

  3. You guys are joking right? Both outfits are bad. You need not be nice just because it is Stella McCartney .It just marginally better than the Adidas outfit .MARGINALLY.
    I am sure the reaction would not have been favorable towards the floral outfit had it not been from a designer label.Please , let is always be design over designer label.


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