Alia arrived back from NYC on Saturday doing denim on denim in a Calvin Klein jacket and Gucci sunglasses. What stood out more though were those Choo boots that was sporting, one that she was also seen wearing while in NYC with a Fendi jacket and an embellished jumper.

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Nargis Fakhri

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. her outfit doesn’t go with those boots.. they need a skirt.. but its OK, I will gratefully look (lust) at them and how beautiful they are.

  2. Just goes to prove that anything you wear with great confidence can be passed off as fashion .
    The burgundy boots don’t look to great in either looks! Possibly if she had styled it with a dress , it could have been a great look .

  3. Love the Fendi jacket and the boots. But I don’t think she can pull off this look. She always looks to me like a little girl playing dress up.

  4. As nice as these boots are, they are looking overwhelming on Alia. Likes of Sonam, Deepika can only pull off these knee length boots!

  5. As someone who is quite petite, I like to follow Alia’s style but seeing the constant comments about how she can’t pull off looks like the statuesque Deepika or Sonam has practically scarred me! Is nobody apart from them allowed to wear anything that’s not a minidress???

    • In my view those gorgeous burgundy tall boots do not go with Alia’s casual denims … her petite frame is a far less issue here. But the strong presence of Deepika Padukone fan club/publicity machine on this site makes sure that everybody is trolled here apart from Deepika Padukone and comments like only Deepika can carry certain looks show up.

    • Yes I agree. I think it’s unfair and unnecessary to constantly compare Alia’s look to Deepika or Sonam or anyone else!
      As for the boots, Its very autumnal and would be better paired with a dress. But it’s winter now, freezing so the denim is perfectly understandable and it doesn’t look that out of place. Love her jumper though!

    • Mini dresses can be opted if one has toned legs. The thing is opting for pieces which suits one’s body. No body shaming here. I have an average height too. I would rather go for classy pieces than following fashion blindly just because certain things are ‘in’. The issue with knee length or above knee boots is that they ‘cut’ the legs which makes legs appear shorter than they actually are. No one think that much in real life unless one is a fashionista. Alia being a celeb is put under scanner, like everyone else on these pages.

    • I think the criticism is not about who can pull off these boots better! I’m a DP fan but I like Alia’s style a lot too. But in this case, this casual outfit is not doing justice to the boots. It just doesn’t seem to be in sync with them. That’s all :)

  6. So many comments criticising pairing boots with casual outfits such as denims worry me. NYC has been rather cold over December and I can’t think of stepping out in short dresses with boots no matter how stylish they’d look. To the comment Oli made, I’m 5”2’ and love tall boots to keep out the cold as much as keep things stylish… I don’t see what’s so bad about the combination or the fact that a relatively petite person is wearing tall boots :-(

    • Mio, at the end of the day, wear what YOU like.

      Yes, this is a place where we dissect who is wearing what and whether well but at the end of the day, do not take everything you read here as a rule that is set in stone. What works for some may not work for others. It’s very fluid. If you feel good in donning a style, keep doing it.

    • I wear OTK or Tall boots all the time and I am only 5’4. I live in Midwest and it stays cold here for good 5 months. This is essentially Fall/Winter uniform. Not sure what the fuss is about here. She wore a pair of boots with denim. I think she looks great. More importantly, she thinks she looks great or at least is comfy and not cold.
      BTW – Gorgeous boots.


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