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Two recent promotional appearance saw Ms. Bhatt in dresses, each one as cute as the other. Now, we like both looks equally but have to ask, do you have a favorite?

So far Alia’s promotional appearances for Shaandaar have been youthful, fresh and adorable. We hope it doesn’t change.


Alia Bhatt on Bigg Boss Sets


Alia Bhatt in Delhi

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  1. She looks great in both. But is there a danger for an actress in looking too “teen”. Will we as an audience be able to accept her mouthing ponderous dialogues ?

    • What about the ones like Jacky who pose like tween-teen and the many who try hard to look young when they are probably decade or two late for it or their bodies are anything but. 😛

  2. Totally agree with the Jacky comment above.

    Cant believe the comments above.. Someone being criticized for looking young 😀
    I remember when started acting, everyone commenting on how she should dress young / her age.
    She’s 22.. and dressing exactly right.
    I for one am glad she’s finally ditched those ageing dresses and is opting for such fun outfits!


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