In Twos: Part Deux

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Two sightings of Alia so far and can’t say we’re impressed. Princess-ey pink might have been what she went for at DCW but are we the only ones who think someone purposely ran the skirt through a pair of scissors? Her debut look also wasn’t any better either. She looked rather uncomfortable in the short mini.

Here’s hoping she finds her groove. Soon.

Alia Bhatt
Left: at PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012
Right: at Student Of The Year First Look

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I actually think she’s working that tulle dress. The white number from the launch is making me very nervous…it’s sitting so low – like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen 🙂

  2. She is young enough to be wearing this. She is only 19. I am only a year younger and lots of girls wear dresses like the one of the left to formals. So all you people saying she looks so young, she is so young. I don’t like the other outfit on the right though, its like a fail lets try to look like a preppy, upper east side school girl look.

  3. She really looks like a child actor. I find the tulle dress distastefully short. I am sure she couldnt bend to pick something up without a wardrobe malfunction happening.

  4. All she needs to do is look at Dakota Fanning’s red carpet looks and go from there. The dresses are a smidge skimpy and this isn’t a modesty thing, they just look off.

  5. She does look oh-so-cute, but the dress no 1 is still just too much. Although one can see how she has been styled to give her a Barbie-doll aura, yet they could have spared the weird leg-show.

  6. I could hear the opening tune of SATC in the back ground with the bus going past Sarah Jessica Parker when I saw the ballerina dress… :))

    While SJP pulled it off at 40, I cant say the same about the Alia, ironically in her 20s 🙂

  7. Oh seriously? Who decides the apt length of hemline or the depth of the neckline? Let her be! Its her body… we don”t need any more moral policing in this country.

    Also, way too much Gossip Girls inspiration. Sad. But she looks cute.

  8. The first dress is quite nice…but kind of weird fit, don’t you think? And I’d have paired it with platform mary janes or something. Those sandals say she was going for a showgirl vibe rather than cute vibe. The second look works elbows up…then things go downhill. Much room for improvement of the makeup.


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