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Promotions for her upcoming movie have seen Ms. Bhatt sport white, a color that her character wears in the movie. While it’s been mostly saris, she was also spotted wearing suits at two events.

Her sari outings have been quite similar with silver jhumkis and a black bindi being staple in most. Loved her in all except the Manish Malhotra. Wasn’t a fan of that busy blouse. Did you have a favorite?

Far Left: In Kshitij Jalori
Left: In Manish Malhotra
Right: In Raw Mango
Far Right: In Anavila

Left: In Anjul Bhandari
Right: In Punit Balana

Left: In Anjul Bhandari
Right: In Punit Balana

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love the Punit Balana saree and Anjul Bhandari suit. Even the Anavila look is beautiful and so refreshing to see a Raw Mango look with the hair down. I don’t mind the MM, it’s actually tasteful, and loving the flowers in her hair. Overall, pretty good run so far!

  2. Anavila – Ethereal
    Kshitij Jalori – Contemporary Chic
    Punit Balana Saree – She had me at the roses and the vintage stud
    My favorites in that order. White is my favorite color and I’m loving each one of these saree looks, except of course, the fugly MM saree. The suit looks are strictly okay.

  3. Is someone getting the same feeling with Alia as with Akshay ? Good looking and good actors. But i have seen too much of them recently.

  4. I am getting an Alia fatigue. She looks sweet but most of the sarees are the usual labels worn by Bollywood. Nothing new in the sarees or the styling.

  5. Raw Mango, Anavila, Punit are my favorites looks, I mean all put together – makeup, accesories and the hir, all in all, this seems to be a good run for her

  6. I dont like the blouses on the Anavila and Raw Mango saris. Is it a trend now to wear looser stitching blouses- looks very “tee shirt-ey”…. But I love the Anavila sari with the same blouse in sleeveless.

    Bhandari sari and suit are my fave!


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