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Aishwarya was one of the celebrity guests to attended the Charity Gala Dinner hosted in honor of the Duke And Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to India. For the dinner, the actor chose a pale pink Sabyasachi sari featuring chikankari work and paired it with a beaded clutch, also by Sabyasachi.

Ms. Rai always shines best when she keeps it simple and this look was proof. She looked gorgeous!

May we also add, we really loved it that she didn’t go overboard.



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  1. Lovely, graceful, respectful and very event-appropriate without going overboard (like Ms. Kapoor who did and unfortunately fell flat on her face). I’m likely to be in the minority, but I believe that for events involving VVIPS/royalty/government honors, an updo is more appropriate. Hair down seems a tad casual. Not to say that she didn’t look elegant, though!

  2. Gorgeous and more importantly classy. Stunning woman!

    I wish you had chosen better pictures, the first two aren’t the best that are out there ๐Ÿ™

  3. Elegance and Beauty at its best!
    She looked perfect 10/10 in my books. Loved that a chikankari sari was worn here. Wish others had also chosen to wear more of traditional designs and works than blingy OTT dresses.

  4. While the look is good, all of her last appearances have been in monochrome shades – Black, grey, white, off-white, beige.. She is such a beautiful woman, I would rather see her in vibrant colours. With a different hairdo, this look would have been a 10.

  5. Hail the queen! Now this is what we expect from the headturner Aish. No gripes, she looks perfect as she is. Angelic! Absolutely divine! Although i am skeptical abt using this word of late as the world witnessed a purple robed, hairy chested angel not so long ago ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Hahaha… The meaning of the word ‘Angel’ has changed completely now. Is he doing it intentionally or he is seriously crack? Sorry P&P for going offtrack but I couldnt help it. Lol

      • He has successfully eliminated the bane of ‘log kya kahenge’ from his life. So yeah it seems like he is doing it all intentionally coz no one can be so reckless while doing something as superlative silly like that! Lol

  6. I wish we could see her in a simple old fashioned purple colored kanchivaram with a pink border, side parted hair in a low bun, temple jewelry accessories and a dark bindi low on her forehead between the eye brows

  7. She looks really pretty and event appropriate.. but I’d love to see differently styled hair. She’d rock a wispy updo or a low bun look with that face…The center parted ‘equally proportioned on either side’ hair seems too fake and forced

  8. i again take exception to her finishing touches…her make up specially lip color I do not like and that middle parted hair…no
    I think a loose bun (relaxed hair) would have looked nice..


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