1. Not her fault but I wish the waist of the gown was a little lower. It hits her in a spot where it makes her otherwise awesome shape look less attractive.

  2. She looks really good. The gown, although a little too full skirted, does accentuate her waist. I have not been a fan of the hair color (for movie Fanny Khan?) but it does look lovely against the blue.

  3. The gown doesn’t sit that well on her but seeing her last few appearances were awful this was a huge improvement .
    Gorgeous colour and the hair looks lovely. I saw her close up pics on insta and her makeup was stunning .

  4. The color looks absolutely gorgeous on her. And I have to say, all these years of following this woman (on screen of course) I have never seen her smile the way she smiles in the second pic; pursing her lips like that and all !!


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