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Aishwarya was one of the many celebrities attending the Indian film Festival of Melbourne this past weekend. Ms. Rai first met up with an MP wearing a black Sabyasachi anarkali and then later changed to a velvet navy one (by Rohit Bal? ) for the Awards Ceremony.

A flag-hoisting ceremony the next day saw her in a custom Manish Malhotra anarkali. Of all the three, while this outfit was the most glittery, it was the one we liked best. Wearing the hair up had a lot to do with it.

We don’t have better pics yet but from what you see, which one was your favorite?

Aishwarya Rai at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne – Welcome Meeting

Aishwarya Rai at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne – Awards Night

Aishwarya Rai at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne – Flag Hoisting


  1. She looks ethereal in the Manish Malhotra. It has a lot to do with how happy and cheerful she seems and little to do with the outfit itself, which is not something i would ever gravitate towards. Though the light pastel colour also seems to be adding that little extra brilliance to her complexion.

  2. Not even her face can save both the outfits….Her makeup is cakey..really bad makeup..N the lesss I say about the outfit , the better…Why does she always gravitate towards these tents..

  3. Maybe the white because it’s hot, even there her face has way too much makeup. She just looks heavy in every outfit, and I don’t mean weight wise. The outfit looks heavy, the hair looks heavy, the makeup

  4. The MM is nice in principle: pleasant colours, embroidery, patterns. But the end result is all sorts of mish-mash and just too garish. I wish she had the hair of the MM with the black Sabya.

  5. She looks absolutely lovely in the MM outfit. I love her hairstyle; and her little daughter seems to be wearing an almost similar outfit (except pink)…so cute.

  6. for once its not the clothes.. al are good enough but i see the make up around the eyes is kind of blotted… makes her face look swelled… that thick eye lining all around n the silvery white dabding.. nah spoiler

  7. I can’t look beyond the cakey make up in both the looks. It makes the looks too heavy and dated. Neither of them work for me.

  8. she is uncomfortable in MM ,trying to hide the Cleavage show with the dupatta…why wearing such outfits on Independence day ceremony.Sabya was ofcourse beautiful.


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