Blue Belle?

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Before attending the ‘Spring Fever‘ Premiere in Elie Saab, Aishwarya did an interview on the sets of ‘Le Grand Journal’ in a blue gown with a plunging neckline. I, for one, love the color on her, what about you?

P.S. Check out her interview on YouTube here.


Aishwarya Rai attends the Le Grand Journal Show at Cannes 2009


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  1. oh i am falling in love with this woman …. n she really stunns these days…
    this flat hair look is repeated so often… but hey I love it…

  2. Beautiful choice of outfit. The color, the cut, the fall, the material, all coming together for aishwarya. Like the choice of sandals and minimal accessories. If something looks good, stick with it-the coif. Nice work!

  3. lovely dress – would look even lovelier on a taller person I suppose. Would like a closer look to see her make up. These shade definitely bring out her eyes.

  4. Oh yeah.. this was the dress I had mentioned few posts back ( i think the Parvatty O. post)!! Was wondering why P&P are not putting this up .. because I SO loved this dress on her.. she looks amazing ..better than in the elie Saab number..
    Once again.. whoever is the stylist needs to sick with her always!!

  5. Whenever Ash does something and it works … she keeps doing it again n again and that wat i hate about her…. like this year its long trailing gowns and same type of hairstyles….I really do not like her here

  6. This lady is just too beautiful for words… and she knows it! Love the dress on her, perfect shape and fit…. but i miss the slender, trim aishwarya from 2 years ago…. marriage has added on the pounds for sure!

  7. Totally love the color! I have been complaining here about the lack of color in her clothes (esp cannes). No more complaints…yay!

  8. wow i checked the youtube clip love the shot when she’s walking out to the sets for her interview with the blue sea in the background and her in her blue gown, looks like aphrodite emerging from the sea.As for the same hairstyle as Payal says she first went to this interview and then went to the elie saab thing prolly back to back so the same makeup and hairstyle, she just slipped into the different dress later

  9. LMAO at the hand gestures….
    BUT love the gown and the styling…If only I could get my hands on it *sigh*

  10. I like it! I think it’s a great color for her- her people dress her in either these super bright styles or drab pastels…she needs more color that are more understated, more subtle…and tone her down in general. I usually feel such overkill looking at her- yes yes, she’s beautiful, but it all becomes way too OTT for me. So this kind of look is definitely a plus!

  11. Now this is nice! This has to be my most favorite look of hers from Cannes, she looks so sophisticated and the royal blue is definitely a good color for her. Aish needs to start wearing more designer dresses like this!

  12. Elie Saab can NEVER go wrong!!! I love the color on her…finally she’s come to her senses by choosing a “different” color. she looks PURRRFECCTT!!!

  13. omggggggggggggggggggggg
    she looks stunning!!!!!

    i hope she continues to dress like this. i cant believe this woman is approaching mid 30s. soo BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Gorgeous! I wish she would have worn this on the red carpet. I find that empire-waisted gowns really flatter Aishwarya. They show off her height, and give her curves that are proportional to her body.

    While some people can be risky in their fashion choices, I think Aishwarya should stick to what works for her. That’s why I have no problem with her failing to experiment with her wardrobe. That being said, she really needs to get a stylist who works with her figure.

  15. This is an amazing colour on her, I think she looks beautiful. And the repeat hairstyle is because she attended this interview and then the premiere.

  16. She looks good. That is a beautiful color on her.

    P&P, there is another picture of her at Cannes in a gorgeous red gown during the L’Oreal interview.

  17. Unabashed ash fan that I am, went to the youtube clip by typing aishwarya cannes 2009. she looks drop dead gorgeous in the video. rightly put annie s., she looks actually like botticelli’s venus rising from the sea, a desi version of course. watching the video clip made me realize further she is classy, elegant, and definitely a cut above the rest.

  18. I think ppl have got used to praise her… but critically , I would say I didnt like anythign other than the colour

  19. sorry, but nothing great here… she didnt mess up, she looks decent enough. Beyond that, i wont go gaa gaa over it.

  20. Wow I LOOVE IT she looks beautiful!!!
    @suman – seriously, a NO because of her ‘hand posture’? photographers – you know I mean the paparazzi – capture every awkward movement of these celebs when they are walking around.
    She’ absolutely beautiful !

  21. Absolutely stunning!!!

    I watched the youtube clip….and OMG…she looks out of this world! The color, the cut, makeup, hair…everything looks so beautiful.

    I’m not an Aish fan and usually don’t like her dressing sense, but this one is just beautiful in the youtube clip.

    lovely color …lovely lady. for once i dont mind the plunging neckline. a loud YAY!!!

  23. This is definitely a Yay for me, she has never looked this put-together, sophisticated AND comfortable before. The gown is beautiful, I thought it was a Valentino coz Evangeline Lilly wore one (to the Vengeance premiere, at Cannes) with a very similar bust detailing and cut, but couldn’t find this in their collection, so could be by someone else.

  24. She looks lovely beyond doubt, but the video clip was mortifying to say the very least. I suppose one can’t hope for everything.

  25. Analyzing the gown, lovely material, the silver midsection stands out on the video in its dimensional quality. It is an accessory on its own. The neckline and high almost empire waist makes it flattering to full figured women. The train is delicate yet the color makes it powerful. I love the fall of the material, and the whole outfit is a resounding YAY!

  26. totally agree with karishma. Thank god she added some color finally…looks very comfortable and radiant. After so may years. she finally cracks the Cannes code!

  27. Why are people shocked that a woman in her mid 30’s can look like this?(well no one looks quite like Ash — she’s too beautiful for words) but when did hitting 30’s mean you can’t still look good?! Bollywood needs more 30 something heroines. Couples won’t feel and look so mismatched!

  28. colour is pretty…her make-up looks a bit caked and her smile and pose rather strained…but she’s one of those glass doll beauties…too prim for my liking not natural like freida pinto or sonam

  29. The color is awesome!…but that’s about it. Why is she so plastic all the time…her gestures, smile, walk..everything seems so rehearsed!

  30. love the look. am so glad she didnt wear any pink this time.

    can anyone tell me how to do the hair that way. i would like to do that for a wedding that i’m attending, but dont want to end up with a greasy-looking hairdo.

  31. The youtube clip was sad though. They were so pissing her off. Its amazing how some people don’t respect artistes and make jokes out of them.

  32. this is a good look. The thing I find difficult to fathom with Ash in general is that someone who is genetically blessed as her getting it wrong so many times, it seems the bigger the event the bigger the chance she will end up looking a mess.

    Anyhoo, she looks lovely, the colour compliments her skin tone and her eyes, the makeup looks good – although too far away to make a proper judgement. I am not a die hard Ash fan, in fact wouldn’t class myself as a fan at all, but here, in this dress the woman looks v. good.

  33. this is a roberto cavalli gown by the way.and love the gown and makeup.but the hair dosen’t do it 4 me.

  34. For the first time in very very very LONG time, I have to say that Mrs Bachan has got it right, Finally great to live and see this day because I was losing hope with her and her hubby’s style, Good Job Aish whoever is your stylist now please pay her double and keep her like the cornia of your eyes, near and dear to your heart (why am i talking so much)

  35. the color doesnt photograph well. i saw the video and the color is even more electric and of course she looks simply DIVINE…
    and all the men look besotted with her.. lolllll 😀

  36. She is looking funny in the interview …. I mean poor gal … I know its kinda tough to listen to french and talk in English and all that…. but for the first time I saw Ash this quiet 😀 hahaha

  37. Definitely she is looking damn cool and comfertable. She is a gorgeous woman and she has a shining personality.