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Wearing a fresh off the IFW runway Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna suit, Aishwarya attended the launch of Tennis Premiere League on Saturday evening. With the right finishing touches, this look would’ve worked. As is, everything just felt so dated. The curls in the hair, that bright red lipstick, the boring pumps. Le sigh.

Aishwarya Rai


  1. For such a heavily curated look, this is not so effective. Different shoes, different hair (just straight hair would be so effective), and less bling (oddly). The model is styled so much better. :-(

    It is super interesting that her stylists cannot get her to look moderately well-dressed. We know she can carry some very very fashion forward looks (refer: Cannes). She carries the non dressed looks very well (airport, mandir, what have you). It is the desi events where her stylists just don’t seem to get it right.

  2. She’ll never learn… Even Neenaji who is much older than her has much more panache.. or even her contemporaries like Shilpa, Karishma, Kajol who atleast experiment..n yes they fail sometimes but they try.. I don’t get it why would she keep on doing something which she doesn’t even look good in..m baffled..

  3. I think just losing the camisole and altering the pants to be slightly shorter and more fitted would have been an effective move. For me personally, a pant suit needs to look sharp even if the silhouette is oversized/relaxed.
    Love it on the model though.

  4. Minus the camisole, it a great look. Don’t care for the shoes; strappy heels would have been a better choice. For once the red lips are okay. She should try different shades of red though.

  5. Love the styling on the model. On Aishwarya, the whole look is snooze worthy – hair (cut, style, colour), cami (again, why alter an edgy suit to make it match her conservative aesthetic? Just choose a different option!), length of trousers, lip colour, the list goes on.

    Honest truth is, she is bored and/or doesn’t care.

  6. Such a sharp black suit on the model but when it’s transformed on her it’s a whole different story. Very very different and like a bad imitation.

  7. Such a beautiful woman and I love her. But why does she have to go out there and ruin a look with the same boring hair and make up? So disappointing.

  8. Is she having midlife crisis? I am trying to justify why would she still go with that hideous color. Its hard to believe that she was a super model.

    • Your comment just got me wondering there are actually people around her age like soha who aren’t big stars but are definitely loving keeping them self fit and young with the least fashion stalking.. but this beautiful lady here living like a huge mess. It wouldn’t take her much to shine, but well.

  9. Honestly I don’t think she cares. She is who she is and doesn’t try to be a fashionista, I will give her that. She’s not trying to be anything more or anth less. Not her fan but I have respect for the fact that she doesn’t crave to the pressure and reinvent herself as a fashionista

  10. I think for the first time, she looks old and very tired. I know Aishwarya mouths “Oh I don’t care what people say” and “I do things for myself” BUT she is a film star in a glamorous world! Her looks and dressing are an integral part of HER JOB. If you come off so sloppily dressed and pretend to not care, it is akin to an employee in any other industry slacking off and feigning interest and would be fired almost immediately.
    To me, she is failing at her job and the parts that define her. She is an actress and a model and unfortunately, it is not her intellect or any other trait that people will judge her by. For heaven’s sake she is being invited to events and functions for her face and beauty and fashion sense to draw eyeballs and she shows up like this. If I were an event organizer, I’d be like “Hey, Aishwarya is a big name and all that but she comes off uninterested and dresses drab and let’s not invite her”. I think unless people stop being blinded by her old laurels and surname and look at her lack of interest or effort, she will continue to be treated like undeserved royalty.
    An actor/model is expected to be a certain way – no one wants them looking like they don’t care and didn’t try. It is pathetic, really.



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