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First seen on Twinkle at the Stardust awards, the red Léger was also spotted on Aishwarya in the Loreal ad by ‘Aarthi’.

Considering we don’t get to see a full-length profile of Ash in the ad, we’ll have to wait for either another photoshoot pic or for Ash to don it in real life to get a better sense of whether she carries off the figure-hugging dress well.


Left: Hervé Léger Signature Bandage Dress
Center: Twinkle Khanna at Stardust Awards 2010
Right: Aishwarya Rai in Loreal Total Repair Ad

Aishwarya in Loreal Total Repair Ad

Photo Credit: HT City

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  1. i saw the ad, Ash acarried it off well (The video looked hugely airbrushed ).Still Ash managed to carry it off .The only irking factor , her twited catwalk . I was hoping she does not fall over with all that “thumka” isque criss crossing of legs .

  2. Ash’s walk at the end is so weird, almost as the dress was tight and uncomfy. Not sexy at all, if they were trying to make it seem so.

    Twinkle in this all the way, and that too in real life.

        • Thanks! I really like the FCUK india posts. also the MTV India posts. You women are more catty on that one. Somehow on HHC, you both are too guarded!!
          One quick question! How does one check the archives in your MTV India blog?

    • Haha I love how people call women who’ve gained a bit of weight ‘curvy’. It’s not curvy. It’s plump. Curvy is people who have CURVES, but they don’t have to be overweight!

      • Ash is not overweight or even plump by the wildest stretch of anybody’s imagination – it’s that kind of thinking that encourages unhealthy body image. Her weight gain does make her curvier than she was when she was slimmer; hence amber is right in calling her that.

        • She’s SO not overweight here?! She’s pretty damn healthy to me! And yeah, she HAD gained weight in the middle, but she seems to have shed it here. Nice ad. Though, I agree about the exaggerated walk n all.

      • haha and i love when people jump on others posts just to instigate. i cant imagine where u read overweight or plump in my post!! ya u said it, curvy is people with curves, thats all i meant! and( repeat post ) i dont like a bandage dress on a curvy woman.. and again( repeat post ) but thats just me. btw, i dont think ash is even plump, just curvy.

  3. Aishwarya intimates me, actually I think she scares me these days. Woe unto anyone that crosses the diva. Don’t like the bandage dress on her.

  4. taking airbrushing and photo shopping to the limit is erasing away the lines on her palm .. saw the ad in a mag and it just looks so fake! like she has plaster instead of a palm!!


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