In Falguni And Shane Peacock

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Aishwarya attended the Ambani School’s Annual Day functions on Friday and Saturday wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock kurta churidaars on both days, first in a pink one and then in a beige one.

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Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. These pictures could be from any function from the past 5 years. She hasn’t changed her hair or makeup since.

    Such a waste.

  2. Why does she dress up like a lost kid from the 90s.?!! Such a beautiful face and yet she manages to churn out these snooze worthy looks almost every single time.
    Kudos on the consistency.

  3. Same hair, makeup, red lips and blingy styling… No matter what the occasion maybe.

    Would love to see her change things a bit… Try a Raw Mango outfit or saree maybe?

    Bored stiff!!

    • I agree. She’s just being a regular mom and not an international celebrity. Just let her be. If I were to forget all her previous similar looks, I would say she does look pretty here. With all the grace and smile

  4. She knows she is pretty….So she has just thrown everything aside and living & dressing the way she likes…She makes absolutely no effort to do anything new or catch with latest trends…It’s annoying as its boring to look at her but at the same time it’s liberating in a way…that she is simply living her life & not actually making ‘appearances’…

  5. Aish, please stop looking like an Auntyji. That’s my job. Yes, this is not a work appearance but us Aunties lament your lack of personal style. Your natural beauty is exquisite but I was almost too bored by your outfit to comment. Please look at Karishma Aunty on how to be stylish and practical for a school event. Thanks.


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