Aishwarya In Cavalli!

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We aren’t sure if Eva hogged the steam iron which is why Ash got stuck with a wrinkled Cavalli gown, but we are thankful to Fashion Critic for spotting it! It helped us find, if not the exact one, but quite a similar version worn by Natasha Henstridge.

Aishwarya Rai @ Cannes 2008
Natasha Henstridge @ Elton John Oscar Party

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  1. You know, Ash has always been so graceful and poised, even when she’s incessantly targeted, ridiculed and hated on for no actual reason other than people trying to prove “she’s not all that”, I mean, every other person I meet says something along the lines of, “oh she’s boring, I don’t think she’s special. I can’t stand her.”…WHY? Why can’t we just accept her- fair enough we don’t have to adore her, but why constantly try to bring her down from the pedestal we inadvertantly put her on ourselves?

    I’m sorry for the rant, but I like Aishwarya. I think she’s beautiful, intelligent and classy. And should be celebrated for not just being a “pretty face”, but being smart enough to capitalize on it. Well done, work that Cavalli- ironed or not- ballsy!

  2. I LOVE the new design. I have been trying to get mine done for a while. I see you cleverly moved to wordpress, which is what I am going to also do.

  3. Dear Emma, I am an ardent fan of Aishwarya and as a fan, I along with many of her fans do want the very best for her that is the reason we like to comment on her choice of movies, clothings, hair, fashion etc. just with the hope of perhaps one day she will visit this site or hear from her close associates about what we’re talking about and bring some changes. No doubt she is indeed very beautiful and poised and carries herself very elegantly at every occassion. However, she has lately very much been disappointing us with her fashion sense…that’s all. I don’t think anyone is jealous or leave negative comments just because they don’t like her. maybe some people but not all…

    coming back to commenting on this dress. It it had been a different material, perhaps it would not have wrinkled so badly…maybe Ash didn’t know it’d wrinkle…who knows.

  4. Rashmi, I know what you mean…and I wasn’t addressing people who merely comment on her fashion sens..or lack thereof. It’s people like well, Naz…I mean, there’s a problem with her eyebrows?

    I think I made my point.

    Aishwarya, if you ever read this, I think you’re lovely…and the only person I will ever admit to being prettier than me…that’s big! [hehe]

  5. Saw a picture of the dress from the back at pinkvilla. It looks awful. Aish’s body cannot cary backless or almost backless numbers well. Did’nt like the dress to begin with and am less impressed now.

  6. Payal Pri, can you guys please post more pictures of the celebs at Cannes? I saw Angelina in a green gown, she looked so beautiful. the pics are posted on

    thanks guys.

  7. i agree with joules, i have yet to see a backless dress look good on aishwarya. and more about this dress……its just too “regular”. can see that not alot of imagination has gone into it. she should talk color with her stylist. anyone seen jolie’s dress for the kung fu panda premiere? gosh, i am so in love with that green!!!!

  8. I was going to comment on the green dress that Angelina Jolie wore for the kung fu panda premiere…someone before me has also commented on the same…My god! its GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS….what a beautiful color…

  9. She does makes her presence felt very strongly at International level!! And after Cannes-2004 disaster……I am happy tht she finally chucked Neeta Lulla(responsible for her NAYYYY!!! wedding dress as well), at least for such an important event!!

  10. I wonder if Ash has taken an oath to make a “kachra” out of our image EVERYtime internationally… i know y’all think Ash is “all that” lol… < that’s what Emma means…but babe if u think she’s all that and some of (or many of) us think she’s overrated, let us express it…what do u think the comments section is for??? i mean ok u think she’s beautiful, classy etc. etc. … keep admiring her for that… And let us express what we want to…

    Many of u DO like her dressing sense and many of us DONT… so whats the big deal??

  11. We have no personal enmity against her… She’s just one of the most talked about ppl and that’s the reason she gets commented on more that others… And obviously if there are ppl out there who say that she’s “ethereal” and all that, there ARE going to be people who’ll say that she’s “ordinary”… and yeah i belong to the latter category

  12. Love her look-esp the smoky eyes and the hair.I am glad she ditched the fuscia blush on.The gown could do with some ironing but she looks fab.

  13. I think she looks very good in this gown. Its a leap from the ghastly Neeta Lulla outfits of all these years. And yeah, ever since I saw her picture the creases on the dress were bothering me. Maybe she crushed it while sitting in her limo, or maybe she just got it out of her suitcase and put it on. But still, she looks much better than in anything else she’s worn so far.


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