Keeping It Simple

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When Aishwarya keeps it simple, she sure comes out a stunner! And just for this time we’ll turn a blind eye to her rather obvious choice of color palette!


Far Left: At Screening of “Guru” at UCLA, Oct 2007
Left: London and India: Partners in Globalisation Event, Nov 2007
Right: Bombay Times 14th Anniversary Party, Oct 2008
Far Right: Bachchanalia Launch, Jan 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. a bit boring sillouhette since she’s repetitive. but yes it’s simple and elegant.
    it seems like she repeats her clutches too…any idea what clutches or minaudieres these are?

  2. Simple and elegant. I like the dark hair. It looks good.

    Please post the picture of Abhishek with his new look. He was looking good for a change.

  3. She looks lovely in the first pic. Methinks she should stick to simple, well-fitted clothes. She really doesn’t need much to look good.

  4. I don’t particularly care for the outfit…but overall she looks nice… (methinks she seems slimmer compared to some of her other recent appearances post-marriage!)

  5. She has no dress sense whatsoever. The only time her clothes look good is when a stylist has chosen them like in Cannes.

    These outfits are so ho hum and boring.

  6. Well, as for repeating a look, didn’t several style icons do it? From Jackie O to Isabella Rossellini, many beautiful, stylish public figures have that one signature look, which they move out of with some frequency, but are most comfortable with. At the end of the day, stars are people too, who have a mode of dressing or a color palette that makes them happy or at ease. And when it suits them, ‘boring’ should not be a problem.

  7. she is a stunner! i love her and her sense of styling here is amazing i mean she is classy elegant and has a wonderful sense of self and fashion…doesnt follow trends blindly..UNLIKE Sonam Kapoor…Ash is awesome! <33

  8. Love Ash
    I completely agree, she is really so pretty- the simpler she keeps it (and the more she lets her face shine) the better she looks

  9. She looks elegant. Nowadays, I am just getting sick of seeing everyone in tight, short dresses. This is repetitive as far as she is cocerned, but kinda refreshing to me.

  10. We’re so doubleminded..sometimes we’re like she’s gained weight needs to lose it, sometimes she looks too thin! Probably all the shooting in the jungles that have made her lose weight. Um.. I agree she doesn’t need much to look good. N also.. she made a lot of polls this year like.. non Indian ones!

  11. Love the first 2 ones…but yeah I think she should mix it up now. The mild colours are nice at first..but the silhouette gets a bit boring after a while.

  12. Yes you are right she looks nice .. same style but so what atleast she looks nice Let me remind all the girls if you wear the same style doent mean that you are boring..Clothes reflect your personality. And yes she is simple and elegant maybe boring too but THATS her STYLE!!

  13. It’s so funny how we make allowance and turn a blind eye to ANYTHING Ash does. If this were any other actress and she was dressing ‘boringly’ many times, we would have ripped her apart. I guess it’s just the Ash factor; people find it difficult to criticize her. I have never come across anyone who called her absolutely ‘drab’ or ‘wtheyyy’ even if she seriously looked it.

  14. Ritu, these outfits are not ‘wtheyy’ or ‘drab’. They are classically elegant and borderline boring.

    I see ‘wtheyy’ as reserved for OTT or senseless and ‘drab’ for bad. Aishwarya has had her share of those and been called out for them on this site so they are not biased.

  15. Carol; I know this outfit is not drab or wtheyyy; in fact, scroll up and see my comment where I’ve complimented this outfit.

    As for other outfits where she indeed did pick WTHeyy kind of stuff, I have never actually seen her under that column. Remember that blue fishtail thing she wore to the Drona launch? Terrible indeed. But not Wtheyy. I have to disagree with you that people are not biased in favour of Ash. And I’m not saying HHC in particular, but the media in general.

  16. Well I belong to the “ash-haters” category.but yeah i admit she looks gr8 in all 4 dresses. We dont hate her without a reason, we give credit where its due! The simpler she is, the better she looks!

  17. I think she looks stunning in all of them i mean the first pic was when she was 33 and the last pic when she is 35… Shes glowing more and looking even more stunning by the day !

    About the outfit .. I think it suits the event, it doesn’t have to be flashy or high fashion each time. She makes the simple kurta look stunning ! to me thats what works !

  18. Ritu, when did the media become bias in Aishwarya’s favor? She has always been bashed by them for her lack of style. You will not see her called a style icon or fashionista.

    The blue Drona gown was not ‘whteyy’. Some style critics loved it and others hated it. A ‘wtheyy’ would be some of the old Cannes outfits.

    I think she plays it safe now and frankly simple (but more colors) is better for Aishwarya because otherwise she misses the mark. lol

  19. I agree Carol. Media has never ever favoured her. Even in this blog a lot of people call her clothes “boring” and praise other predictable and “one trick pony” so called fashionistas like its the last day on earth.

    Also people need to realise that these four pictures were taken in the span of almost 1.5 2 years. So she wore 4 “similar” dresses in that time period. That doesn’t mean she only wears them. I would rather her stick to what’s elegant, classy and what she likes to wear rather than other garish pseudo western/indian so called “fusion wear”.

    Also none of these outfits are anywhere close to being “WTHEY” or however its spelled.

  20. Totally agree with Beth. I don’t think people are biased towards her actually I think it must be very difficult to be her, more so than any other actress.

  21. The last yellow salwar is so very ordinary … may be she is trying to portray a simple girl,oops woman look !!
    @Renu: She wears the bangle in her left hand!!

  22. The 1st 3 appearances are gr8. Although i always think that her sense of dressing fails to match up with all the hype related to being Aish.. the world’s most beautiful …all that

  23. There is no doubt that Aishwarya does not have a great sense of fashion and/or style but more importantly, i don’t think she has the personality to carry off flamboyant western outfits. She does demure, traditional Indian wear best, and there’s nothing wrong is she sticks to that. No one really looks up to her for her sense of clothing anyway, so i think she’s being smart by looking ‘pretty’ in regular(if Abu-Sandeep can be called that!) clothing rather than experimenting needlessly with bizarre, not-very-flattering outfits that some so called ‘risk-taking fashionistas’ indulge in whether it suits them or not. Different/daring is not always good! Very few Indian celebrities and acually daring dressers…Nina Manuel, Anushka Dandekar etc and none of them are film actresses!

  24. She looks stunning. Seems like she’s lost some weight, and has gotten work done.

    Thing is, everyone gets sooo excited every time there’s a Ash post on HHC… you could tell by the number of comments get versus any other celebs… so in a way, I agree, the comments are more favourable towards her even if she’s not up to the mark. But I disagree that the media, in general, favours her. She gets flak all the time, very much so..

  25. @NJ: that’s what I mean. Even if there is criticism, it’s like everybody treats Ash with such a goddess-like stature that I can’t understand. Like K said, the number of comments is always so huge. There’s a fascination for this woman that’s always present no matter what. And I don’t always understand it. She’s one of many beautiful women, but that’s about it.

    Anyway, I agree with NJ about the simple demure Indian part. She looks very cute in those. In Guru, HDDCS and this Tamil movie Kandukondain Kandukondain, she looked amazing in simple indian wear. But all those high-end fab creations don’t go too well. She drowns in them. I think she has been told very early on that she’s so beautiful that absolutely anything will suit her. So I imagine she decided to let go of her fashion sense because she was told she’s going to look good anyway. And indeed, why bother then, right? I have a feeling that deep down she does have fashion sense but she is ignoring it because of such praises.

  26. She is beautiful beyond words! but her dress sense is a bit crass! and its more so after her marriage! she goes overboard either too heavy or nothin at all! didn’t like any of her outfits above…Its all drab!

  27. i’v been a regular visitor of the site ..but never took part in discussions … its true that when ever we hav an ASIH related topics the comments just pour in .. good or bad ..

    some one asked abv wht are the clutches shes carrying … they are from JUDITH LEIBER .. exclusive crystal collections .. judith designs all the hang bangs for first ladies of USA … . and shes carrying different cluthes all the time .. notice it .. the first one has circle ending, second one has pear shaped , and the last one had a string on pear shaped .. so they are all different …

    its not easy being aishwarya rai .. when she gain wgt people critizise and when she loose wgt ppl do the same … i read an interview in VOGUE .. where she said .. fashion is to enjoy but not getting obsessed with brands and to be some one who arn’t … you live for the moment and get back to your roots … thats says it all how brilliant she is ..

    people call her all possible names .. tell me one top actress who ever had a career like aishwarya rai .. she respect tradition and culture more than any body else .. even on VOGUE photo shoot she still had her marriage bangle .. which bengalis treats next to magal sutra ..

    i think she looks elegant and had true indianness .. being at 35 she still command highest remuneration .. even after 2 yrs of marriage she is working with directors like SLB , vipul shah, mani ratnam , shankar and so on are …

    fashion is always being comfortable .. its not at all about branding.
    we all have our bad hair days .. even though none recognize our faces .. its so much pressure when all eyes are upon you coz aish is beautiful beyond any words ….

  28. bravo…
    loved ronan’s views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!concur wid mine
    sm female, (amidst d bevy of ones who only bitch abt her), who’s honest n secure enuff 2 appreciate her..
    bt den yes, i certainly do wish dat she’d experimnt wid her looks
    i mean she’s d last female who needs 2 dress up consciously, n wid a naggin fear dat if she doesnt pile on dat much make-up, den she wnt look as beautiful…….


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