1. I can only imagine what a boss babe she would’ve looked like with a messy top knot and a matte mauve/brown lip. Missed opportunity for a great look even though she looks nice.

  2. Yes, she is in a contract to wear the lipstick brand she endorses. But her hair and rest of the makeup isn’t. Seems she doesn’t want to put any efforts towarss her looks except for Cannes… Alrighty, shouldn’t bother to fuss around her same looks and dull outfits then

  3. Everytime I look at her, I think, what a waste!!
    Unless she lives under a rock she must know bad her dressing sense is! It’s not like you have to be stylish, but oh please, you have to presentable atleast….and this applies to us mortals too, leave alone an icon like her. Even with little effort she can look like a million buck and still she chooses to look like this….Please do us all a favor Ash and put in little effort….

  4. Such a mess. I don’t understand why she does this to herself. Even if she wore a a plain tshirt with jeans or a simple salwar suit she could look better than this. She could keep her favorite red lipsticl.

  5. I wonder if she will ever sport an easy, casual, laidback look … It’s either black or blingy with the omnipresent red lips…

  6. Why, God? Why? A simple cotton kurta from Myntra would have been a better choice than this mess. Her stylist (if she has one) is letting her down big time.

  7. I just don’t understanddd why she doesn’t give super formal pantsuits, tacky ball gowns, tent-like anarkalis, red hair and red lips a miss. if she’s under contract with l’oreal she can wear other colours too – she even had a beige coloured lipstick named after her previously…I think no excuses can be made for her – this is who she is and how she likes to dress *le sigh*

  8. It took me a while to figure out what the outfit really is.. It’s in stark contrast with the casual vibe that rest of her family was going for.
    I feel that may be she is aware of the disappointment around her clothes and make up but deliberately continues with them to assert her choice/freedom to dress the way she wants and that she gives two hoots about opinions about her.

  9. I recognise a syndrome peculiar to very beautiful women in her – the No Matter What I Do I Still Look Fine. My sister has the same issue-she has a beautiful and striking face so she doesn’t make any effort on presentation or clothes or her body, because she feels that she’s still passable compared to many others. I don’t agree at all and I see it in Ash-she only puts effort into makeup and hides her body. Embrace yourself Ash! If an icon like you can’t do it, how can others?

    • The issue is Aish Rai doesn’t read blogs like these, someone has to knock her door and convey these suggestions. While many others in Bollywood read blogs like these. Even her chikan kurta suit looks… she wears to temples and pujas, don’t look effortless and breezy (from past 7 years or so). She looks clumsy in them too. Her style is clumsy and gaudy.

  10. The colour does nothing for her skin tone and the outfit does nothing for her. She could have worn a sack and it would have looked the same! Aishwariya really is so unaware of her body and what works on her – such a shame as she can get away with a lot with a little bit of effort.

  11. I thought I had seen this suit before. Rack as I did, my brain couldn’t visualize the image I had in my head. That’s when the other senses jumped in. I remembered bright lights, I could smell the plastic of balloons hovering over the heads. Heads, aha! There were lots of people, for sure. The brain could conjure up the sweet sweet feeling of new hope. And Freedom.

    That’s right, it was at a rally! And there was definitely a podium. And standing there with a mike in hand and hair that wouldn’t move an inch if the tower of Pisa were to accidentally fall on it, was Mrs. Clinton. In a black beaded suit. With tuxedo lapels thrown in for good measure. You know, coz, power is in the lapels.

    Ms. Rai – set yourself free. From this kind of dressing. Don’t make an effort at all and I am sure you will look better.

  12. It took a couple seconds to register what the outfit was and it’s doing her no favors whatsoever. Initially I wanted to say the look is dated but I don’t think this look would’ve passed in any era. Why the sequin suit? If you must, why not a contrast blouse or hair pulled back. Black is generally considered a forgiving and slimming color but you know your outfit is awful if it actually makes you look bigger than you are! She either needs a new stylist or needs to start listening to her existing one if she isn’t doing that. World at your disposal and this is what she comes up with! SMH

  13. As someone else said above, makes you question her mental state – is she happy? She looks like she is putting in an effort – suits, pricey shiney clothes and makeup and all that but it fails miserably. Almost like she has forgotten herself or what she is capable of.
    IMO, something is wrong and red lips and awful clothes are a manifestation.


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