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Looks like the visit to Kolkata for the shooting of ‘Ravan’ did Aishwarya some good, because she was spotted wearing a Sabyasachi sari at the 2009 Filmfare Awards.

From what we can see, we love, by default! 😉


Aishwarya Rai at the 2009 Filmfare Awards


Update: Aishwarya’s sari was shown on the runway at the ‘Mai Mumbai’ Fashion show held during Lakme Fashion Week.


Left: Aishwarya Rai at the 2009 Filmfare Awards
Right: ‘Mai Mumbai’ Fashion Show


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  1. Oh my god! For the first time I think she looks absolutely PERFECT! Beautiful sari, her hair looks good. The blouse suits her. Very, very nice!

  2. This proves Ash should stick to saris. She looks nice. When she tries to be sexy with western type gowns, she looks like such a wannabe. She doesn’t have the attitude and body to pull them off.

    Ash should always wear saris.

  3. sari is gorgeous. it looks awesome on aishwarya. her whole look clicks together perferctly (for once). i think that thing in her hand is a purse.

  4. love, love, love her here….sssswear its finaly happnd, she’s lookin soooo perrrfct here, nothng’s a change she’s changed dat drab of a hairstyle dat she’s been carryin for ages!!
    me being her die-hard fan, it reaaly pains me 2 c her dressed up in sm shit always!
    bt jus one question, why the hell does she not dress up like this for her international appearances??????

  5. this brings back memories of HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM!!
    she looks good, and like the saree.

    everyone was very glam at this award, and really want to see Kareena’s and Deepika’s sarees!!!

  6. AMAZING!!!! WOW!!! THE SAREE IS REGAL SHE LOOKS LIKE ROYALTY…definitly the best she is looked in quite a while..,i mean she is beautiful..can carry off anything.. looks like someone was inspired from mrs. kirron kher!

  7. Totally awesome!
    Ash looks soooo much better in Indian wear. The sari has been around for 1000s of years, this is why. Looks flattering on anyone if draped right.

  8. can’t deny it, she looks great. I do prefer her in desi clothing in general…there’s something about her when she wears western styles that just seems forced, or rather, uncomfortable.

  9. Absolutely love the look — the sari looks gorgeous on her! And I love the fact that her hair is up in a bun this time around. She really looks beatiful!!!

  10. neither did i like the saree nor did like her makeup.
    And since her miss world days I never liked her in this hairstyle where she splits her hair from the front …..

    i will call it bad

    …that was basically my reaction
    Simple hair and makeup,gorgeous saree, gorgeous face
    THAT is why they call her the most beautiful woman in the world 🙂

  12. finally here it came .. she nailed it …. thank god for sabyasachi .. the saree looks amazing on her.. she shines out stunningly in the crowd .. the true bachan bahu in here …

    AISh please stick to INDIAN clothes .. and also .. NO MORE NEETA LULLA .. we had enough of her hideous outfitts .. you are looking absolutely gorgeous in here .. plzz stick to sabyasachi … 🙂

  13. @padero
    okies not that i don’t like aish but have you seen Angelina during Oscar night iwth her hair pulled back and simple black dress and a pair of green dangle earring, now try to beat that face with this one,I guess we all know that Angei is the da best

  14. Love the look…saw some pics from the Ravan shooting…looks like an extension of the look in that movie…LOVE…want it! ( wish I looked like ASH)

  15. she looks great. love the sari, blouse, batua. but cant figure out that net-like thing that’s covering that pleat area of the sari. was that necessary?

  16. i gasped too
    looks amazing
    i LOVE the sari (and i’m not always a fan of sabyasachi)
    and i love how she’s kept everything so simple and lets the sari do the talking (love the hair too)
    love everything
    and i never thought i’d say that about ash

  17. She looks lovely. It’s like its 1999 again and I’m watching her at the Filmfares for Taal.

    btw, I wouldn’t say she gets it wrong all the time in western wear. There were a couple of years at Cannes where she was totally rocking!

  18. after a very long time I am liking her look. She has a very beautiful face and I love her when she’s simple because it highlights her face more. She should stick to saris because this is when she looks her most beautiful.

    No offense to Angie fans here though she is pretty in the exotic face, she is over-rated.

  19. @me
    🙂 I LOOOOVE Angie- she’s one of my heros
    for sure
    I think she’s really beautiful too, and she looked really fab at the Oscars (esp. when Jen was presenting)
    HOWEVER, she’s about as fashionable as Ash usually is, and this look TOTALLY beats’s that black (boring) dress
    and I think that they are both really beautiful- but since Angie DID get a nose job early on, and Ash (according to our lovely insider Adit) hasn’t (I beleive this too- or else she wouldfill out those wrinkes which THANK GOD she hasn’t) I’m going to give this one to Ash 😉
    …but really, I don’t think that there is any ONE most beautiful woman in the world- especially when everyone looks so different. I just meant that anyone who doubted that she was THAT beautiful would have to own up now
    such an elegant look

  20. @me..
    no offense mate but i agree with Humaira. Angie is highly overrated…i just dont get all the hype that surrounds her. Angie sure is beautiful but there are prettier women then her aroun and there is just no way u can compare her to Aishwarya. Ash is wayyy wayyy prettier. I agree Angie did look great at the oscars but anyone can look like that with tonnes of eyeliner and proper makeup. And it was her multi million dollar earrings that made her glow..apart from that she didnt look anything special. Aishwarya is a natural beauty….she looks awesome without makeup aswell whereas Angelina look terrible without it. Just look at her pics without makeup and you’ll know what i mean.
    love Aishwarya’s look so soooooo gorgeous!!!

  21. @me: I agree with you. In fact I’d say Aishwarya’s face is the one that’s totally overrated.

    And as for Angie there are family pictures of her when she was fifteen or sixteen and she STILL looked stunning.

    I really want to know though where we can buy Sabyasachi’s sarees in the US! Never seem to find a good place.

  22. @me ,

    Angie looks anorexic (read hungry ) to me. Ash on the other hand looks like a real woman.

    I hate to say this (Being the biggest Ash basher in town) but she does look hot here. Wow ! You nailed it for me woman !

  23. She looks beautiful. I think everyone should wear only sabyasachi .. Imagine what a beautiful world this would be.. Lol I know that prolly extreme but just imagine

  24. What a stunning woman. I love that she paired a simple blouse with a more bold sari, and that she tied her hair back to showcase her best feature – her face. Aishwarya was always beautiful, but I think her face has matured well. In fact, I find her more lovely now than 5 years ago.

  25. I’m usually one of the ones asking for more of ash on this site – but…the sari is grt she looks good, but i dont like the hair, she looks older, like an auntyji. Guess there’s no pleasing me huh!

  26. HHC team please can you find a full length pic of aish .. its a request dying to see that … plzzzzzzzzzzz

    she killed at the show .. she was stunning .. im just watching the clips on youtube .. wow .. shes so gorgeous .. finally she let the face do the talking after a long time … did you guys notice .. shes looking toned .. i think the workouts paid off now … excited for RAVAAN ..


    enough with the ash/angie debate guys. how can you decide who is more beautiful….what method of measuerment do you use?!??!

    as an wise person said in an earlier ash post,…beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yawn.

  28. I like the idea of the plain black blouse, but I just wish it looked less like a sport’s bra.

    It’s amazing how someone can look so elegant and drop-dead gorgeous in Indian wear and make-up and so totally crap in western wear and make-up.

  29. lol im as irritated as debs, so true who are we to decide who’s more beautiful, everybody finds diff ppl beautiful… And about the saree.. im one of those very few ppl hate it. I mean thumbs up to ash for wearing a saree. But thumbs down for wearing a bad saree… its soooo much of “chamak-dhamak” type!

  30. From what i see, i didnt like her saree! what is the net thing she is wearing near the pleats. It looks like the children’s frocks net that shud go inside and not out. The polka was good enough why cover it??? Its sooooo shiny shiny! she shouldnt have worn it even if sabyasachi have given it to her for freee!!!

  31. wow……..ash and sabya was a combo yet to lo behold….she nailed it! she looks so feminine and gorgeous….love it!!! cant wait to see the awards!

  32. Wow, why doesn’t she dress this way more often. Yes, the blouse is straight off the Ravan set, but she looks great. She has always looked her best in sarees.

  33. has there ever been a post on ash with out negative criticism for absolutely no reason???
    why was angelina brought up in the first place?? so unnecessary! dont understand why ppl like ‘me’ keep repeating such issues over and over again! boredom? nothing better to do in life?

    i loveee this saree.. its so stunning! ash looks beautiful. love the way she carries herself out with so much dignity and elegance. love her hair too.

  34. i agree she looks good and all, but i really don’t like the net thing and the pallu! its just to glittery.

    And yes the blouse does look like a sports bra or a feminine ‘Baniyan’!

  35. Someone up there NAILED it..i think she was chanelling angelina too..the serene smile angie has for awards..shes got it fortunate enough to own a few pieces by the great sabyasachi and love the new net saris hes doing..even though the look works on her(and as someone pointed out it was a direct rip off down to the expression from Angelina not too excited with the colour..I think the blouses hes doing for her are interesting..and shes wearing the same for Ravana too..
    So guess these are the blouses India would be wearing in 6 months! 🙂

  36. PS: i just read the sports bra comment..and just realised..that it DOES look like one..
    hmm on second thoughts dont think i would wear this.

  37. Saree is beautiful. But hate the pallu style and the bra. Also she looks much older and mature. She should have gone for something younger looking.

  38. Brilliant sari… but hair and make up kinda make her look older than her actual age..some how this assemble seems to be for more “mature” women

  39. Ohh WOW..She dresses to kill..she has a figure perfect for sarees(Ofcouse she looks fabulous in any outfit)…This reminded me of her in Shabd..One lady whi can carry sarees so elegantly..

  40. Oh what a refreshing change…with her hair tied in a bun its like we seeing her face after such a long time…love the sari and love her look.

  41. HAHAH how can someone RIP OFF an expression? I cannot believe people think the silliest things.. Also WHAT IS UP with people saying she looks like crap in western wear? Dude.. you guys are just way too used to seeing her in Indian clothing, especially when she was younger and everyone first fell “in love” with her looks, and so now everyone’s biased and just thinks she always looks better in Indian clothes. I do agree that she rocks a sari but I don’t think anyone can say she looks like crap in western wear :S

  42. I don’t know why everyone loves this sari, imho it’s one of the worst sabyasachi… he has been some amazing saris but this is just ott blingy and I don’t understand the net thing on the bottom or the sports bra blouse. Aishwarya’s face, makeup and simple jewelry do look nice though.

  43. @sharin she doesnt look like crap in western wear, but she does not seem to have the right flair for western haute couture/formal gowns etc.. i think that’s what people here are saying, if i am not mistaken.. she looks awesome in regular westerns..

  44. She looks absolutely divine – I love how Aishwarya is going for these very austere, severe yet breathtaking looks these days; the pulled back hair and the minimalistic blouse are perfect.
    I do not think she looks bad in Western wear. She looked lovely in several of her outfits at Cannes over the years, and she looked gorgeous in the Ferreti at the PP2 premiere. And of course she looks gorgeous in PP2 itself. A more accurate statement would be that she doesn’t look great in an unattractive western outfit; but one has to admit that even in one of those, she outshines other decently dressed women.

  45. ditto SS – “she doesn’t look great in an unattractive western outfit; but one has to admit that even in one of those, she outshines other decently dressed women.” +99 BEAUTIFULLY SAID Lol

  46. @ fatima & kapoorani

    there are some pics of her hugging arjun rampal..where u can see the back of the blouse..and there is some kind of knot at the top (w/ pompoms?) similar sabyasachi designs.. so its not exactly a sports bra…and it looks like it might be silk

  47. @Ashna: Come on. Priyanka did a WAY better job in Fashion than Ash in JA. Ash LOOKED amazing in it, but that’s about it. Lobbied…mm-mh *shakes head*

    Anyway, my comment was meant to ask; what’s that little Delhi-Janpath kind of bag she is carrying with her on stage?

  48. I agree she looks good and I’ve posted here before but how come no one has a problem with the way her pallu is? Doesn’t everyone here usually hate on one boob showing? I honestly don’t mind that type of look as long as the person can carry it off but most people rip on that here so what about Ash?

    Just wondering, not hating on her because I do like how she looks here.

  49. @ Tanika:
    personally, i dont mind this one sided-saree thing on Ash because her blouse isnt ‘vulgar.’ her blouse doesnt look like a bra but a normal halter top. so even if her pallu is not covering both her boobs.. they arent falling out!

    on the other hand… as we have seen on bipasha.. the one sided pallu thing looks cheap because her blouse was already so revealing!!

  50. Dont like the one boob showing and the horrible sports bra style blouse. The sari is ok. Her makeup is good. She looks quite good if you try to squint and not look at the blouse. She looks her age which is not young. Thats ok.

  51. Hey Ritu,
    I respect your opinion.

    But thats the problem, people fail to go beyond the beauty, JA was one of the most underplayed powerful performances of the year. No other actress could play it with that grace or elan. The way she emotes with her eyes is fantastic.

    Priyanka was good in fashion, but nothing more ! I can imagine anyone playing that character. Anyone ! But no one can play a jodhaa akbar. So in comparison.
    Ash was much more powerful.

    Plus i am an assistant director, So trust me i know about the lobbying ! Do you think Purab Kohli deserved the most outstanding performance of the year for rock on? Best choreo Pappu cant dance?
    Best Singer for teri ore !

    It is a sad fact and infact the whole industry is talking about it.

  52. Yah i completely agree with Ashna.

    Aishwarya desevred the best actress for JA and best actress critics for Sarkar Raj.

    Its like comparing classic roles to commercial cinema.
    So its sad. And the fact about lobbying of awards is a known fact. Simply put aamir has just won 4 best actor awards and SRK 12 awards !
    That clearly states it…we all know whose the better actor.

    Im not saying priyanka was bad. she was really good but in comparison to jodhaa akbar… she was nothing.
    Nobody would even remember fashion in another 5 -6 years. But a performance like Jodhaa Akbar will be treasured in our hearts forever.

    But its cool shes won a Padma Shree and A french civilian award plus a national award- V Shantaram Award for jodhaa akbar. which is far more respected than filmfare.

  53. Ash always wore b-ful sari’s with sexy blouses before marriage. After her wedding she has started wearing different looks. I dont like how ash looks here. Her hair in a bun makes her look “aunty type” . She should had left her hair open.

  54. She looks good comparatively but this is not Sabyasaachi’s best saree we all have seen better …what’s’ with the peek-a-boob these days god- looks tacky……

  55. I think its just me but she looks like the saas of saas-bahu serials… she needs to dress younger. Maybe bigger earrings if she wanted to avoid a necklace ( or a thin chain with big pendant would look good too)

  56. ash is a gorgeous woman…but her sense of dressing is really bad. maybe she needs to change her designer or her personal stylist. i have never seen her in something *wow*.

  57. Best Combination is Aishwarya Rai in saree and bra blouse like in shabd or mistress of spice. looks like an angel in that


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