Ash In Dior

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Thanks to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, found that Ash was in a gown from the Christian Dior Spring 08 collection…

Christian Dior Spring 2008
Aishwarya Rai

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  1. Assuming that evey outfit which looks good on a model will look good on you.. is a BIG MISTAKE… I think Ash must have bought this in a sale for a size which is bigger than her body.. or She didnt realize how funny it looks when she wears it…

  2. She never seems to be able to pull off gowns. She looks too try-hard, like trying to be Hollywood. Perfect example is Cannes where personally, I felt Eva Longora looked better becasue she looked more comfortable.

    P&P please check out the Elie Saab dress that Raima Sen wore to the IIFAs. It’s been bugging me for ages, who wore it first? SJP?

  3. I agree that the dress look loose on Ash but if you notice that the same dress kind of fitted loosely on the model as well so may be..may be this is designed this way!

  4. This dress looks very good on her. The hair is not her best though.

    On a side note; here are some of my thoughts on her dressing choices during international film festivals. I keep thinking how wonderful it would have looked if our Ash would have worn a lovely soft pink, baby blue or mint green saree embellished with crystals to Cannes and other International platforms; that would be representing India but still blending in with that ‘gowny’ feel (i.e. not showing up in a kanjeevaram saree). Also a great occassion to showcase one of our own designers instead of going for Armani and Chanel like everybody else (I agree with Cassandra…though Neeta Lulla proved disastrous for her during Cannes!). It could have worked nicely; she should have used her cultural uniqueness to her advantage. But no. Funny how it is Liz Hurley, not Ash, who proudly wear a (lovely pink) saree on the red carpet.

    • i am sure she is supposed to wear whatever suits the brand that she represents at cannes.
      she is not there as a representative of india! when she did represent india (at the miss world, for example, or at her first cannes appearance in a bright yellow sari), she did wear indian clothes.

      now she goes there in her personal capacity as an international star.

  5. Ash shows too much cleavage in these gowns – not sure if its because they dont fit her well and if nothing else, she sure seems to be making Jaya uncomfortable..
    none of the other Indian actresses seem to dress this way once married.. I am not saying its wrong…

  6. There’s something very strange about the way she is standing. Its like the bodice of the gown is standing away from her body and she’s trying to expand to fit herself in!

  7. I love this couple but for some reason, well actually an obvious reason….he looks too young in front of her…i mean she looks aged in front of him. perhaps she can modify her looks, hair style, make up, dresses that will hide the age difference…anywys besides this point, I also agree that she looks a bit uncomfortable in these gowns perhaps it’s because of the wrong choices.

    This dress would’ve looked great if it was a cocktail knee length dress because of the design. It just isn’t well fit on her body and the color is too bold for me for summer…perhaps in the fall it’d have looked better.

  8. I think it’s a lovely gown, and that it would have looked really good on her if she had it fitted right and was skinnier, she used to be quite thin after all. I’m not saying that she is fat..becasue she most certainly isn’t but she would have looked AMAZING has she beeen thinner and pulled her hair up into an old Hollywood style (I can imagine it perfectly…if only if only) with drop earings OMG!

  9. Aish lookes stunning at Cannes this year-she made all the right choices,if at all they were hers.She is a very attractive woman and looks very good in most indian and international designs,HAVING SAID THAT-most of the choices she makes are terrible-Neeta lulla was a disaster but even otherwise she just doesnt have a great sense of dressing in western wear-i give her full points for the indian collection.
    The red gown is so unflattering,either shes put on weight or needs to buy something more fitted.

  10. I think Ash and us, we all r still trying to adjust to her new “Global” image……..
    (That’s a good way of putting it)
    But the fact cannot be denied that she usually makes some very weird choices in evening gowns…

  11. hey.. ! i think Ash looked gr8 in the gowns this year.. the woman can carry off anything.. i mean she can look good in a bad dress too! seriously! check her out in the green gown she wore to cannes.. minimum jewellery maximum effect!

    i think the style of this gown didnt suit her.. if u see the model, she is walking toward to the right.. and then filling it up.. so imagine the model standing
    .. i think its the style of the gown..

  12. Hey guys

    This isn’t the forum to debate and spawn Ash wars. Please restrict your comments to the clothing in question only.


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