Aishwarya In Christian Audigier


Just when we were wondering “where in the world” is Aishwarya… we spotted her at the Beyonce concert sporting a casual look. But this casual look doesn’t come easy on the wallet. The tunic that Mrs. Bachchan is wearing can set you back a whopping $165 and that is because it is a Christian Audigier.

If have no idea who Christian Audigier is, he is the man behind all the craze that’s Ed Hardy. We don’t have to tell you how many people are already wearing Ed Hardy these days in Bollywood, you can take a peek here and here!

Get your own CA “Barbwire” Tunic here.

Buy via Christian Audigier

Image Source: Christian Audigier


  1. hey guys i love your site!!! i’m from germany and i want to buy the CA “Barbwire” Tunic ?n white which aishwarya wears too. but i could not find it. can you please tell where i can find the same tunic? i would be very thankful. in love sehase




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