Mehendi Style

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Wedding festivities kicked off at the Deol household with Ahana’s mehendi ceremony to which the bride wore a colorful Neeta Lulla lehenga. Sister Esha, also opted for a Neeta Lulla lehenga.

Our best wishes to Ahana and Vaibhav.

P.S. Anyone else getting an Abu Sandeep vibe from Ahana’s lehenga?


Vaibhav Vora, Ahana Deol, Hema Malini, Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani


Left: Vaibhav Vora and Ahana Deol
Right: Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love this family! Radiant and classy women. But lulla is a fashion criminal! Beautiful women like hema and aish are ripped off! Of course, nothing can mar their beauty, despite Lulla’s monstrosities.
    Best wishes to the beautiful couple.

    • Absolutely agree about Neeta Lulla. Ghastly eyesores passed off as ‘design’. How can she even qualify as a designer? Credit to both sisters, especially Ahana, for looking sweet in spite of the monstrosities they’re in.

  2. Ahana looks really sweet. It’s a refreshing change from what you usually get to see with heavy make up and all. Best wishes to the couple.

  3. My guess was AJSK too. But we’ll leave that for the Bachans. Not too crazy about their outfit. Hema’s saree is lovely though. Nifty gold sling on Esha’s broken hand. Both men look pretty good as well.

  4. Someone needs to send Bollywood the memo that it’s NOT OKAY to wear jeans to formal functions! It’s a wedding in your wife’s family (her sister, for gosh sake); make the effort and show them some respect, Mr. Takhtani!

  5. On the other hand, I’ve never seen Esha Deol look so pretty before… this simplicity suits her and her mother.
    The bride looks sweet too, minus the Faerie Queen head dress… but I’m guessing that’s ritualistic?

  6. Horrible lehengas..!! The green blouse of ahana seems not only sabya inspired but also ill fitted. The shine of velvet hurts my eyes…all the seperates are too lacklustre…sad!!

  7. not trying to be snarky. can someone please tell me why hemaji is wearing the yellow-and-white garland thing? i remember the family had worn those during esha’s wedding too. are they fresh flowers or jewelry? and why wear them? to me, they seem to mar the entire look.

    they all look very good, though. happy, relaxed. and the women aren’t caked in makeup.

  8. Congrats to the lovely couple. And i hope beautiful women stop wearing Neeta Lulla. Her designs are horrendous. That velvet blouse on Ahana is a cheap copy of Sabya’s maharani blouse. rest of the outfits are nothing to talk about

  9. I love it. Its the seasons of the colours and they pull it off really well. Infact I love esha’s lehenga more. Now this is how normally indian girls dress up for the weddings. Unlike bollywood movies where they run around in bikini blouses and low waist ghagra (deepika in yjhd). This shows how realistic and simple celebrities can be.

  10. The bride is some grecian Hawaain in some ugly delhi street lehenga, Esha has picked all possible gaudy colours and patched them on her lehenga, although she looks quite pretty.
    Hema who looks radiant, seems to have picked a wrong blouse and cleaved off a piece of the mandap decoration to adore her neck. Enough for an evening of disastrous dressing.

  11. Really? With so much money and so many talented designers in Mumbai, this is the best they could come up with? The designs, fit and the colours are horrendous. The saving grace is that the women are all pretty. Also, jeans, at a formal function? And Aahana’s head gear …… GOOD LORD!

  12. the women in this family have bad dressing sense thanks to their neeta lullas but the men look dapper no matter what they wear (here as well in the other functions)…


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