Again And Again!

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Caught! Karishma wearing the same sari within a span of just a week!

Mukesh Ambani Bash, 16 Feb 2008

53rd Filmfare Awards, 23 Feb 2008

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  1. i guess she had to return the saree back within the week, in case she decided not to buy it. but having said that twice in a week!! really she better have a talk with Manish. She changed the blouse tho’ if it helps.

  2. i cant believe that!! despite not being a celeb, i wont repeat my saree for atleast 2 months, so thats no excuse for karisma….esp with all that cash and ten times bigger wardrobe…its pathetic…and that too at 2 huge events…sad

  3. are the sarees exactly the same? the first one(on the left) seems to have a thick sequinned border that matches with the border on the halter blouse but the saree on the right doesnt have the border

  4. Well If You See Cleraly That Saree,z Are Not The Same At All..They Are 2 Diffrent Saree,z..By The Way.. And Gauri,z Tan..Well No Comment..


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