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Loved it better then or love it now? “Fashion” seems to have made sure she got rid of her “tond”!

“Love Story 2050” Promo Event, June 2008
Airtel Bindass Concert, Jan 2008


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  1. Can’t believe she wore it again, but I like it this time around better, but hate the shoes and is she wearing tights again? Cause those looked ridiculous…

  2. soo much better now…am not gonna comment on the ‘hand clasped arnd her wrist’ thing coz thats just a waste of enery but she is definitely looking better and more healthy as well.she looked soo bloated n the 2nd one…

  3. well.. only PC can carry this dress… she has an amazing figure.. wonder if she is naturally like this or did something to herself?

  4. Not liking the shoes.Though, I am not sure if anything other than the exact shade of the dress in a strappy sandal would go with that.

  5. Whether because of the impending release or not, PC is looking better these days. Her make-up’s perked up and the bangs help too.

  6. lol nosh so true!!!! i think she always had an amazing body and even now she looks stunning!! its nice to see such a good role model for young girls – smart, sexy, good body, just nice!

  7. she looks stunning in the june picture.. but the shoes are not going well with the dress. i think a beige or ivory tone pair of strappy sandals or pumps would have looked awesomeeee

  8. I wonder…if she wore a pearl necklace or something..could hav perked up the dresss…like the one Mugdha wore with the black and white combo…hmm…

  9. priyanka is shilpa shetty part 2, she always looks the same regardless of what she’s wearing

    not WOW or EWW, just OH HER AGAIN



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