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Wearing a corset top and pants from Rèik, Aditi attended the Femina event prior to making her way to Cannes. This is a case of where an outfit looks good on the model but falls flat in real life. The corset top length was too long giving off of a jumpsuit vibe to the co-ords and throwing proportions way off. Agree/Disagree?

Aditi Rao Hydari


Photo Credit: Facebook/Femina

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  1. The color complimented her so well that the out of proportions was a minor gripe and the cape thing hid most of the imperfections!!! She looks beautiful!!!

  2. I think she looks lovely. The corset top probably needed to be a little shorter and fitted so that there’s a break in the midriff just to break the monotony (like in the model)

  3. I kind of super disagree, if that corset was made shorter just so it looks same as it was designed, it would have thrown proportions off on Aditi. The model has a longer waist so corset + waist + pants can still be accommodated if that makes sense.
    I think it was intentional and smart to make it longer to make it like a jumpsuit. Thats giving sleek and elegant vibe on Aditi.


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