Aamir Is Being (A) Human Too!

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The other Khan maybe feuding with Salman, but not this one because we spotted Aamir wearing a ‘Being Human’ tee while making an appearance at a gym recently.

Being Human is a charity started by Salman Khan and you can catch him wear more of the t-shirts here and here.

After all that has been going on and in the spirit of the holidays, can’t we all just get along? (SRK and Salman, are you listening?)


Aamir Khan At Barbarian Gym

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. atleast this one’s a nice shirt!!
    why did salman and srk fight in the first place?
    does it really matter whether celebrities patch up or not? i never carried about all tht..

  2. face = great!
    body = wow, somebody’s been working out!!
    hairstyle = nice!
    shirt = cute!
    pants & shoes = terrible!!!! WHEN will Aamir start wearing (a little) looser jeans that don’t look like he’s wearing chudidaar pajamas?!? it always makes me cringer.

  3. Seriously it isn’t a holiday season here. I’m working even on Christmas eve! 25th is a holiday for me only because I chose to work on Diwali :(

  4. I just adore Amir, the SRK Salman spat being a prime example why (he was, after all, the only one to step in and try to reason with them)
    I too am in full holiday swing (except there are too many sweets everywhere!! What is a girl on a diet to do) PLUS it’s freezing here (heh- 46 degrees F in LA = freezing)

  5. it’s also the angle of the pic that’s making him look short! (ok, am being a loyalist — he’s shorter than me) But WTH, good things come in small packages :)


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