A Worse Off Face Off!

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What’s worse, those shorts on Mandira (Heck, the whole look!) or the Pumas added on clearly as an after thought to her look by Aditi? Neither is not even an option! 😛

Mandira Bedi and Aditi Govitrikar at Puma Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ugh Mandira. She really should be dressing age-appropriately. I’m not sure what is the point behind her ‘look’. I’d wear those shorts for washing the car or something on a Sunday but really, to an event? And with those new-mommy boobies? Ugh again.

  2. What was Mandira thinking? This is ridiculous. I have never seen anyones pockets longer than the shorts. She is not 5 yrs old. Even 5 yr olds would not dress in such clothes.
    She makes Aditi look way better.

    • if u have not seen it.. it doesnt mean tht ppl dont wear it or like it..
      widen ur horizon..
      n at the end.. if u dont like such shorts i completely understand ur view..
      bt dear ths is no alien wrk.. believe me..

  3. I see nothing wrong with Mandira’s shorts… If she has the body and the grace to carry it off, then why not?
    These are quite a summer norm in NYC btw…gladly surprised to see her wear them in Bombay.

    • I agree with S .. Mandira has the body to be able to carry off those shorts (though the pocket overhang is a bit weird) .. I think the main problem is with her T-short – she could have chosen a better and a non-transparent one.

    • Very true.. i have similar denim shorts with longer pockets.. they look super cool… so no prob in tht department.. bt i ve trouble looking at the T…
      whn u wear such top u wear a different Bra.. Pronto..

  4. I know you didn’t ask but I am impressed with hot fit Mandira is without being skinny. No boob jobs, no starvation diets – just an awesomely fit woman. You go girl!

  5. Aditi was better in comparision. Heck, anyone would be better when compared to Mandira here..Her shorts, that inner like top…Yuck Yuck Yuck!

  6. I really Hope mandira now does not start falling in the category of women who are constantly ‘trying too hard’…hope she’s smarter than that!!

  7. guys all those who think pockets hanging out is not a style please google denim shorts, for that matter just shorts will also open new horizons. :-p…and yeah when will rich and famous people who are public figures learn to wear the right underwear?


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