A Little Bit Of India At Tory Burch

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Spotted these maxi dresses at Tory Burch… While we love her tunics, not a fan of these particular maxi dresses! We do like the jewelled neckline but the pattern/print is just a bit much… especially, the red one!

P.S: Do those sandals remind anyone else of Kolhapuris?


India Dress


Left: Tanya Sandal
Right: Caylan Sandal

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  1. I don’t care if these sandals are designer – what a rip off!! I’m sure I can buy these for less than a 1000 rupees in India. $200+ for these sandals?! – YICKS!!!!!!!!!

  2. cheee… what a rip-off. i see kolhapuris going the way of basmati and turmeric. we seriously need to impose IPR on indigenous goods.

  3. Ha! We can get better kolhapuri’s right here in Delhi….and I’m sure they’d be comfortable not just for my feet but for my wallet too!! And I don’t like the maxi dresses either, the jewelled necklines seem to added as an afterthought to jazz up the drab dresses!!

  4. Pretty sure I could get similar sandals at any street vendor or market..tsk tsk.

    Not a big fan of patterned maxis but something about the red one, I do like.


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