A Fashionably Shallow Rhyme


Prada and Gucci
A colorful tunic of Emilio Pucci
On a night so Winston bright
Ostrich on a Luis Vuitton monogram, finally done right!

I raise my Martini, to a toast
To a Cavalli dress, sex appeal at its most
To shiney Louboutins, naughty and nice
Make that a peep-toe, a lil’ less sugar, mo’ spice!

Purple, the color du jour
Yves Saint Laurent, its Tribute, chic for sure
Exotics happen to be all the rage
Enough to make a sage a sinner, a sinner, a sage.

Greys, no longer dismal and sad
Bring in the patent baby, chic, with a dash of bad
Get the star appeal, hide behind shades oversized
Tom Ford Whitney or Shelby helps you get glamorized!

A crave, A lust
A Birkin for every fashionista, a must
Bottega too makes that list
In a style thats a classic or with a modern day twist!

Dreams in Chanel tinted hue
If only magic wands came with me and you
Yes the rhyme rather sucks, but that, the point, was not
Its just for fun, don’t let the poetic licenses get you in a knot
For now, its time to wrap it up, snap out
Its good to be a realist, but oh-so-hard to be a fashion devout!


  1. I agree with the last line there.

    You guys are so cute! :)

    Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t you do a- ‘what’s in your closet thing? Anything from H&M to Hermes, whatever you’d like to show.
    I’d LOVE to see it!

    Lots of love you guys.




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