A Face Off!

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One shimmered. One shined. Of the two ladies, one had to out-shine the other…So…Who Shone??

Esha Deol At One Two Three Music Launch

Lisa Ray At Unveiling Of Rado’s Boutique


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  1. @ Anon
    That ‘black band thing’ is a Rado watch of which she is a brand ambassador and was at the unveiling of a new Rado store at Kolkatta.

    I don’t care for how either of them look but with ‘relativity’ shining in favor of Lisa (who usually looks great but here quite lackluster), she takes this round!

  2. Esha looks like she has tried to hard on the make up and the dress and is trying even harder to appear confortable in it. Lisa looks almost au naturel next to esha. But then, I am biased. I have always like Lisa and her minimalistic look.


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