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It was saris for Sonam for two back to back events first being one by Masaba x Rhea collection for the Filmfare Technical Awards on Sunday evening and then a one from Good Earth to Armaan and Anissa’s wedding reception on Tuesday evening.

Me, I didn’t care for either. Didn’t care for that blouse in the Masaba outing and as for the Good Earth one, not liking the pallu pinned to the blouse on the front. Not sure why she didn’t have it pinned on the shoulder or slightly behind the shoulders. Yep, at this point, that was what bugged me more than the eye-makeup. Also, the fan just made the look feel too gimmicky.

Did you have a favorite?

Sonam Kapoor
Left: Armaan Jain Anissa Malhotra Wedding Reception
Right: Filmfare Technical Awards 2020

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. There was a time when she was THE fashionista I would crave a red carpet sighting of. Now it’s ALL just one giant gimmick after another. Tsk tsk.

  2. Both are such gimmicky looks. The Good Earth sari is just aggressively basic chiffon. The Masaba one could have been salvaged with a normal blouse for a daytime event.

    • Good Earth clothes are mostly glorified printed fabrics with some purani dilli borders. People have to be idiots for spending $$$ on that stuff.

  3. oh man the make up in the first look is Horrible. they made a huge mistake with the under eye concealer.

    None of these look good, she should try to do a normal look for once.

  4. You mean her pallu draped around to the front, I don’t see jacket….we do this all the time in Bengali weddings, I like this draping and she looks good.

    • You’re right, it’s the pallu. Didn’t notice it. Either ways, regardless of drape, you normally don’t see a pin in the front so far down. One mostly pins on the shoulder so as not to show the pin.

      • I mean that is one difficult location to have it pinned, there are few other ways of doing it without making it so obvious and so far down. That’s on whoever helped drape it. This is a Bong inspired look for sure, look at her hand fan…all she is lacking is a one of those rectangular silver boxes where people used to carry paan with them.

  5. She has started taking this waaaayyy too seriously. And she has, therefore, stopped getting it right. It has been a while. She needs to start having a bit of fun – till she does, she will continue to disappoint.

  6. Good lord! Makeup is horrendous and her severe expression is making her look much much older.
    At this point, I don’t even bother commenting on anything Rhea or Masaba churn out- it’s all tacky and low quality.

  7. She has to sue her makeup artist. GOD what’s up with her under-eye area?
    I perfer her reception look but is that a FAN coming out from a RING?

  8. It took me a while to get past the eye make up (and for some reason, it really made her resemble her mother, I had never seen the resemblance earlier) to see that gimmicky fan ring.

  9. Her make up is positively hideous in the first picture.
    Sonam and gimmicky go together. I dont think she remembers how to dress normal anymore. Sonam, you can be a fashionista without resorting to gimmicks. Why that fan? Both the saris are nothing to write about.+
    For the nth time, dont these celebrities own any mirrors?

  10. How tacky to turn a rather simple elegant white saree into a major bling fest… her makeup, her pout and her ott jewellery is all too much.

  11. most of the time she has some major makeup problem specially with that baking portion underneath the eyes. fire your makeup artist sonam please


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