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Another day, another ‘Wtheyy’!

naghma-wth-1920-1.jpg naghma-wth-1920-22.jpg


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  1. Really ? I don’t think she looks that WTheyss-que. In fact I think she better than how I have seen her before. She lost a lot of weight too.

  2. It’s good from the waist up 😛 I was scrolling down and didn’t see anything wrong with her until I got to the bottom half

  3. thats nagma????????

    she looks better than she ever did in her movies! not talking about the fashion sense here (cud use an upgrade) but rather her dramatic weightloss!

  4. yes, the weight loss has been quite dramatic, but it’s taken something away from her face… she always looked so bubbly before! a bit like SRK. Ghastly skirt and grandmotherly cardigan.

  5. well.. i scrolled down and so the bottom bit.. gross.. a form fitted one would have looked better.. and she should lose the cardigan, unless it was cold where she was.. and she needs some heels.. so much to do!

  6. Not minding the dress so much but that cardigan… horrors! Probably trying to hide still-too-big arms, she looks great after losing the weight though. Now if only she would try on some heels…..

  7. She’s does Bhojpuri films now and seems to be quite popular along with the famous or infamous Ravi Kishen (male co-star).

    She has indeed lost quite a bit of weight and looks nice….the outfit is nothing spectacular but beats some of the crap that people wear like sweat pants! On another note she’s a really sweet girl!


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