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Wearing a Spring 2016 Georges Hobeika dress and pink pumps, Alia attended the HT Most Stylish Awards. Because of the pink belt, the dress felt too tween-ish to me and even the sleek hairdo didn’t help elevate that.

Swapping the belt with a non-rhinestone one and adding a funkier pair of sandals would’ve worked better here, me thinks.

Did you like her look?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. LOL. Such a hideous dress and even worse is the fabric and fitting (around the bust especially). Agree that the look feels too tweenish! I will never understand why does always go with a bigger shoe size. It is always visible and looks ridiculous! More of often than not, her shoes are bigger when it comes to pumps. In Pic 3, her face looks too cakey.. as though some ungodly amount of concealer has been slapped across her face. Not a compulsion but sleek hairdo looks good with gowns (usually) so yeah it’s a mismatch here. No accessory again! Such a bland look.

  2. She normally does so well….what happened here…lo
    like the colors of dress…but makeup and hairdo not so much…
    Why she always wear heels bigger than her size?

  3. That belt is so unnecessary! Brings the whole look down – almost makes the outfit look cheap! As bad as that dress is, without the belt it might have been slightly better 😛

  4. Surely not the best she has looked. And to think her stylist and she were batting a 100 till now. What a time to lose steam: the Most Stylish awards! Also, there’s a serious mismatch between the hair and makeup (which is ageing her) and the dress.

  5. She looks good as always. Love the fuss free makeup and simplicity of the look when everyone wants to white wash themselves and do clown makeup. There is no accessory so the belt works and I don’t see where the rhinestones are, even if its on that buckle it is hardly visible. She has a good collection of shoes, she could have gone for some other sandals than these plain pumps though.

  6. Why is the tone of HHC comments so censorious and depressingly nitpicking these days. The girl is young, pretty, dresses well and seems to be enjoying herself. She is at an age when most stuff would look good on her. Criticise but don’t leach the joy out of the site.

    HHC there has been barely any Indian wear on your pages!

  7. Don’t like this look. Its a miss from Alia. The dress does not fit well especially at the bust and also the proportions are totally off. The make up looks heavy handed too.

  8. She looks good but definitely could have made more of an effort considering the event…
    neck up she looks fantastic, the dress wasn’t the most ‘stylish’ pick i’d say.

    One a different note, watched the movie and what brilliant performances.. This one will stay with me for a while.

  9. It just does not come together and i think the belt is to be blamed. It messes up all the vertical striped design of the dress. Hair looks limp and flat and oily. I dont think that what they were goin for.


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