In Balmain


At dear friend Farah Oomberbhoy’s book launch, Natasha was seen in a Fall 2015 Balmain look. Wearing the pleated separates with pumps, she finished out her look with an oversized black clutch.

Only Natasha can make metallic + ruffles + pleats look so good!


Left: Balmain, Fall 2015
Right: Natasha Poonawalla at Farah OomerBhoy’s Book Launch


  1. Oooooooooh the queen is back!! Man, she is so goddamn pretty and sexy!! If mere mortals like us had a baby, we would literally be twice our usual size and not to mention having a hard time making sure the lil one is alive and doing well.. But not Natasha..She seems to have gotten back to her slender frame in no time and could give girls far younger than her a run for their money..
    Ok now as for the look , its a tricky one but she somehow makes it work ! My only issue is with the looks like an old second-hand hardcover book and as a result doesn’t go well with the overall look!


  2. She looks really good. Did the stork bring her the baby? How on earth. But the dress looks like chocolate wrapper to me, makes me crave candy.




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