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    and if she wants to dress like that.. she better work out.. look at that body……hit the gym lady

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    totally TRASHY!!!

    Priyanka Payal, who was the Best dressed and Worst dressed ladies on OSCAR night? My pick:

    BEST DRESSED – Jessica Alba and Marion Cotillard (she took the risk unlike other actresses and looked great!)
    WORST DRESSED – Tilda Swinton

    BEST DRESSED Male – Javier Bardem oh he’s really HOT!!!

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    i have tears in my eyes!!!!!!

  5. Pri at | | Reply

    @ anon: what do her language skills have to do with her fashion?

  6. the mad momma at | | Reply

    i’m amused… with everything to do with her… her shoes, her body, her make up… i dont know where to make a start from!

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    actually i dont think her lack of language skills should really affect her dress sense..

    I mean…even if you don’t wear designer or dont know how to pronounce stuff…you still WOULD NEVER step out of the house like that.

  8. marsha at | | Reply

    itss so irksome wen u say things like ‘the latest trends darlin’..or satartin wid sweets….serisly u r dumb or u r dumb anoymous 1…

  9. Lalala at | | Reply

    @ the first anonymous, WHAT exactly is wrong with her body? She has a nice body, she isn’t fat. Why does she need to hit the gym??

    And yes, I agree with Pri, what do her language skills have to do with her dress sense? You still haven’t explained that. The two different shoes aren’t FABULOUS, but it isn’t as though she is a fashion designer. Let her wear them if she wants to! Her dress isn’t bad, and the different shoes are something differnt. Atleast she has the gall to try something new. So all you haters, STOP. I bet none of you are in the limelight.

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