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  1. saya at | | Reply

    ahaha…now where do we start?!

    Meeta reminds one, of those chinese lanterns!

  2. pdaevo at | | Reply

    …nothing, I’m speechless

  3. kannu at | | Reply

    divya needs a stylist desparately !

  4. Renu at | | Reply

    Divya has lost loads of weight!

  5. Emma at | | Reply

    awwww. [sad face]

  6. HHC lover at | | Reply

    Mita’s top is tooooo bad…agree but still there is something about it i like n wish that the BAD thing is the ill-fitting and the sleeves.Anyone there who too likes tht little something in the top????
    Divya Dutta…..hhhmmmmmm will come bck when i hv words!!

  7. vidya at | | Reply

    about divya, i like the part where she looks really slim in this dress, she is still heavy but you see, the cut of the dress is flattering her curves,maybe vidya balan should take a few lessons…

    apart from that,did anybody notice what she is wearing in her right foot?a not so happening anklet,a old fashioned toe ring and white ugly sandals with her left toe coming out?well but i think she tried her best …

  8. Priyanka at | | Reply

    agree wid HHC lover.. there’s something abt the top.. jes the cut n style of the top is crap..

  9. the mad momma at | | Reply

    ouch. silence might be the answer here. and really – the first thing that struck me were her toes popping out of the sandals!

  10. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Divya’s whole outfit looks like it was put together at Big Bazaar, Kandivali. Yes, even the dirty white anklet.

  11. Pradeepti at | | Reply

    why does divya do this to herself over and over again?
    Those shoes …awwwww gwad….!!!
    Divya – HOney are bras should fit and should fit right!!!!!
    Meeta- does she never use that thing they call a mirror??

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