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  1. pdaevo at | | Reply

    I prefer the monochramatic look as well
    Neha’s hair and accesories don’t go with look of the dress but Gweneth looks stunning

  2. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    Wow!! I wonder if the designer(?) of the dress that Neha Uberoi is wearing will make a monochromatic one for a fraction of the price of the Lanvin. Now, that wouldn’t exactly be creative inspiration, but then, neither is this!!!
    Its just copying and then changing the color!! Very bad. Why do this? We saw some stuff in the recent fashion weeks as well.

  3. Belle at | | Reply

    maybe it’s her pose too? i dont know, it doesnt work

  4. JK at | | Reply

    come on don’t compare Gweneth to this wannbe actress – she doesn’t have natural elegance like say aish has – although aish dresses bad she LOOKS good and carries a look well – this girl just had a good body and age, and everything else might as well go to hell – her face is not preety and neither is her body langauge

  5. Savi3 at | | Reply

    Give her a break!
    Its easier to coment but if we were in their shoes we would have had to resort with same thing …..Nothing wrong with taking something out of a bottle and giving your take to it….Isent that what all the so called” Indian Fashion designer ” worth his or her salt do…………

  6. Nick at | | Reply

    I only liked it on the model with the belt on…all other ladie should wear this at home!

  7. asha at | | Reply


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