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  1. Smaug at | | Reply

    I attended this show yesterday. And I got a very strong sense of deja vu. Nothing was really new or original about it.

    Interestingly, it was paired with Guari and Nainika’s collection- which I felt the same way about. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

  2. riya at | | Reply

    malini ramini is very overrated as it is.

  3. gori at | | Reply

    if i just had to guess from which years collection it was i would think it was i would think it was photographs from 2004 or 2005.

    the cloths look outdated and the styling is even worse.

  4. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Love it!!! Would love to Deepika in the second dress in the second row sans those shoes though!

  5. enne at | | Reply

    well in case the urban jungle tribes go to war, they’ve got a wardrobe for it now…

  6. Shabs at | | Reply

    I thought the collection was quite stunning, and totally original!

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