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  1. urmi at | | Reply

    The designer’s best so far.like!

  2. k= at | | Reply

    absolutely brilliant!!! my favorite collection so far! love love love

  3. shwetha at | | Reply

    Can we have less of these fashion week photo clusters and have more celebrity spottings – oflate, these take the largest chunk of your blog and with Fashion weeks happening dime a dozen, its getting to be very boring to be browsing the line up of one designer aftre the other..I don’t even care any longer..

    If you can limit to just 1-2 desgners that catch your attention and have a max of 2-3 pics instead of a whole line up from about 10-15 designers, that would be great..

    Just a small suggestion, I am sure there must be a lot of other followers of your blog who think likewise

    1. enne at | | Reply

      agree, or post them in a feature page on your blog. then those who care can click! good suggestion shwetha!

    2. Payal at | | Reply

      If we just did celeb posts, all you’d see is two or three designers always being featured. Fashion week posts is a way to get everyone more exposure to more designers that are out there. What we feature is actually a subset of what catches our eye for good reasons or bad. We’d like to think they are helping because we’ve seen an increase in designers spottings on stars that we’d never seen before. It may or may not be related to us featuring these designers but we’d like to think in our minds, we’ve done our part.

      The posts are here to stay because we think it broadens everyone’s exposure and you are more than free to just skip over them. :)

      1. shwetha at | | Reply

        I agree with your comment Payal, but one too many is my crib.
        If fashion week posts were once a month I can understand, but the alarming regularity, having these designer show pics almost every other day dilutes the essence of your blog or your intent in getting more exposure for all designers. Also, its the same designer displaying a slightly different line a few weeks later…its like same ol over and over again. Anything of too much….and you lose your audience

        Fashion weeks are happening dime a dozen, all I am saying is – make your picks to keep it to a compact number so we really look forward to these cat walk posts, rather than mosue over rapidly. Just my 2 cents or paise as it maybe..

  4. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    Love! What an upgrade from the stodgy old polka dot!

  5. enne at | | Reply

    I do love my erythrocytes! Would’ve been an awesome play on the theme if he had done some prints on a ’tissue’ fabric!
    HAHAHA Nerds unite!

  6. Dits at | | Reply

    What a great idea! the patterns look great …

  7. nida at | | Reply

    Isn’t the second row a lot like Louis Vuitton?

    1. nida at | | Reply

      First row too, the prints and the colors..

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