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  1. Naz at | | Reply

    The makeup is the same for kallol datta, rimzim Daddu and Anand bhushan…wonder why???

  2. Styl at | | Reply

    This is insane! superb! I would have never imagined superman being depicted in such a glamorous way!

  3. maddie at | | Reply

    ooh! absolutely love it! what an awesome take-off on superman! Hands down my favourite collection so far :D

  4. Myka at | | Reply

    Strong ideas, I love it, but I can see tension in the fabric that impairs the finishing. Case in point, the 2nd dress that looks like a jumpsuit (clever) in the last row and the pink gown, notice gaping and puckering. Even in the last pink frock, something seems off.

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