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  1. PM at | | Reply

    wow – I love them all…nothing “Indian” about them but still love the cuts and the flowing materials/style….very classic…

  2. AstralDust at | | Reply

    Now seriously, how many fashion weeks are there in India?! And the green dress, 3rd row right, is ghastly! It is making the model look short and stumpy, what will it do to us lesser mortals?!??!

  3. neha at | | Reply

    for some reason whenever i see G & N creation, i just think pretty… thats it… everytime i just get the feeling that i have seen it before … its like they steal the neck from designer A, silhouette from B, cut from C etc etc and assemble it all as their own.

    I never think ‘wow! thats unusual/ thats creative/ that stunning’ …. its just all very pretty, very safe, and very done to death.

    They seem to have got extremely lucky … there was no-one who was exclusively designing dresses and gowns … and hence an affordable desi option thats become wildly successful

  4. Osho at | | Reply

    Wow these guys are good..

  5. Meghna at | | Reply


  6. J at | | Reply

    Now this would never be a collection by any international designer. I don’t know how these 2 get away with it.

  7. Binerry at | | Reply

    the 2nd row, 2nd pict reminds me of what Austin Scarlett did on project runway, he was sent home for that design

  8. MM at | | Reply

    i agree with neha…..

  9. suchi at | | Reply

    Binerry you are so right, i was wondering where i saw that! dont care for any of the dresses.

  10. adollsdream at | | Reply

    I agree with Neha – they’re pretty but safe. Made it cause they were the early birds in designing gowns and dresses in India which no doubt has caught up with international fashion!

  11. Nisha at | | Reply

    Very pretty dresses.

  12. yaya at | | Reply

    My fav collection i love everything, om goodness i just want to run up that runway and steal all their clothes lol
    but anyway i would to see Aishwarya in that silky white dress
    and i like to say that these Indian designers are very talented

  13. s_star at | | Reply

    thats the point i made in surily goel’s post — very “inspired” collection …and, thanks neha for putting it perfectly.

  14. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i love the blue top..and completely agree with nehas comments.. it is pretty but u know its been done before.

  15. pdaervo at | | Reply

    how FABULOUS is that orange-ruffled dress- YUM yum yum
    the rest are eh…I like the drapings

  16. jaishree at | | Reply

    I like!!!!
    Missed their show yesterday and want to kick myself. Loveeee the cream satin gown and the orange ones quite nice.
    Beautiful and Safe.

  17. Adit at | | Reply

    Very very international…..love the collection, the orange dress on Laxmi is fab…love it, love the makeup and the styling

  18. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Dated! Pretty, princess, goddess; its all so done to death.

  19. Peskyone at | | Reply

    I sincerely wish that someone would tell all these designers to stop looking at VOGUE & FTV to rip designs off and apply some originality into their craft!

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