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  1. Rajvi at | | Reply

    y are they showcasing wnter collection now? isnt it time for spring summer?

  2. Shaily S at | | Reply

    hi Rajvi,
    the shows that are held now, have certain buyers and exporters invited,, who have a look at the collections, place bulk orders,, have the designers deliver em.. then shoot em and then display em on their stores/galleries, etc.
    this entire process takes atleast 5-6 months to be executed(not forgetting the legal formalities, permissions, quality checks, etc).. and only after the completion of this, are the designs available to the end customer!
    hence only if a winter collection is showcased in march-feb, will it be ready for sales at the right time :)
    And also the same for s/s!!
    also, these designs show certain trends that can be expected to be in vogue in the next season!

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