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  1. yaya at | | Reply

    i love all the dresses every single one

  2. ramya at | | Reply

    Love the fourth one down right.. lovely!

  3. Fatima at | | Reply


  4. monika at | | Reply

    I find this collection boring

  5. annie at | | Reply

    I’ve seen similar styles selling in department stores being sold 2-3 years ago.
    The hair-style makes the models look like boys.

  6. watsinaname at | | Reply

    grey is too stiff and dull for my liking–makes u look older and not often in a nice way. kate winslet at the oscars managed to pull it off nevertheless…but i dont like the designs here..
    the silhouettes are weird too

  7. Such at | | Reply

    Hmm, don’t like any of these.

  8. shikha at | | Reply

    very very classic!! i like the colour and the silhouette!!
    amazing and delicate detailing…done in a mild and subtle way … an outfit any one can look gorgeous in…good going…

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