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  1. Sue at | | Reply

    Wasn’t Anupama Verma also wearing a vest without a shirt in your ‘More of that – Part Deux’ post?

  2. kashish at | | Reply

    i’d prefer vest/waistcoat with something underneath, and buttoned…it looks more chic and formal-as intended to….i hate the unbuttoned look…anyways waistcoats are literally so last year, so why are these people donning them now????

  3. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    I like the buttoned look too. And with a shirt underneath. That said however, Shonal is not looking great. The jeans are too low, and the waistcoat too high. If you hadn’t put up Sameera’s pic, I would have gone for the ‘totally unbuttoned’ look. But then, Sameera had to spoil it by wearing those sandals! Please someone buy her some peep-toed or better yet completely closed ones so that it doesn’t seem like the sandals are two sizes too small for her!!
    But I think one pic that should have gone is the one of Twinkle Khanna from your archives. Its a pic with Dimple and you guys were commenting on the bag that the latter was carrying. Twinkle looked great in that!! Black top and a black waistcoat, methinks. Very different.

  4. Belle at | | Reply

    Priyanka D, after i saw your comment about Twinkle’s vest, i went and searched for that post…and omg, you are soooo right! She looked awesome with that combo!!

    but yeh, i also prefer the buttoned, and with shirt look.

  5. manisha at | | Reply

    can i just say… WHY is sameera’s footwear ALWAYS hideous?!?!??!? its really annoying!

  6. Emma at | | Reply

    The newest silhouette is all about tailored- buttoned and a with a shirt- looks fab! Bare just makes it look like you had to stop smack dab in the middle of your stripping routine and rush out to the red carpet- D’OH!

  7. ash at | | Reply

    sameera and her ugly shoes!! once again!

  8. sherry at | | Reply

    i think the vest with no shirt is sexy, hip and “young”. of course, the one requirement is a fantastic 0 fat body. but as a fresh alternative i once saw a picture of kim kardashian wearing a white tank under her black vest. not a fan of kim but i thought that look was pretty neat.

  9. s at | | Reply

    i think shonal is a wannabe….i mean y wear shades in an indoor shoot…n that entire outfit is blah

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