It’s Giveaway Time!

Summer is almost here and to beat the heat is giving away this summery Esley dress.

All you have to do to win the dress is to follow these two simple steps:
1. Sign up on here.
2. Name your favorite product on the website and your size for the dress below in the comments section.

We’ll pick a winner once the contest is over which will be May 19th. The contest is open to residents of India only. Leave your answers in the comment section and as usual we won’t be approving the comments until after the contest is over.

P.S. There is a special discount for everyone: Use STREETSTYLE500 to get a Rs 500 discount for the next 2 days.

98 Responses

  1. soniya at | | Reply

    wonderful contest!!
    i love the cropped t-shirts and skirts.
    I love Black Belted Dress and Cream Crop Tee
    My size is UK size 10.

  2. manisha tiwari at | | Reply

    Dex Black Pocket Dress

  3. monika at | | Reply

    My fav product from the website: Bird Print Blouse from Gossipi

    My size for the dress is M or UK 12

  4. Sumitra Chellam at | | Reply

    Product I like: Maroon Ruched Dress
    UK – 8 is my size.

  5. Neha Borkar at | | Reply

    Blue polka dot dress from the Gossipi collection. Size 16. Thanks!

  6. shruti kothari at | | Reply

    1. Signed up on
    2.My favourite product on the website is an Asymmetric floral top from Dex.
    My size for the Esley dress would be M (UK 12)
    3. Resident of India

  7. Chica at | | Reply

    I love the printed maxi dress by Dex, the Yetts two tone dress and the Julieta boots.
    i have signed up at ROOJA and my size would be medium or 12.

  8. Megha at | | Reply

    1.) Signup : Done
    2.) Favourite Dress – Pastel Yellow Trench Dress…Love the vintage collar! Style it up with orange Pumps and im sorted. The cute dress featured would be ‘Size Small’ for me.

  9. ayesha at | | Reply

    favourite product from the website- Burgundy Bow Dress and my size for the pictured dress is M

  10. Flier at | | Reply

    The Tatiana grey suede boots ! they look lush yet comfortable!

    and i’m a Size 6 !

  11. Nazia at | | Reply

    Hi, Cool website. Lots of options , Ozel, Gossipi & Dex dresses are nice. One favorite for me on the site was the Rose Print Dress from Ozel, its just so lovely.
    My size for the dress above is M.

  12. Beena at | | Reply

    Black fiona dress by Renee
    size M/L

  13. Heaven at | | Reply

    1. My favorite product on the website is the Rose Print dress by Ozel.
    2. My dress size is EU 32 or XS size.

  14. Devika at | | Reply

    MY favourite is the Red Mischa dress, I am a size 8 and PnP are the most generous gals in the whole wide world! :)

  15. Deepika at | | Reply

    Favorite – Cutie Face Print Dress
    Size – Small

  16. Niharika Singh at | | Reply

    I really liked Dual Tone Flora Dress.
    and my size is Large

  17. Smriti at | | Reply

    There were loads of very stylish outfits and I was torn between picking something ultra cool and something I could actually carry off on my body type. I would go with this – The black flutter sleeve dress that would cover up my chubby arms.

    As for the prize dress, I think I’d fit into a Medium.

  18. Shruti 29 at | | Reply

    Already a registered member with their site.
    I am totally digging this Black and Coral Dress. Here’s the link

    Size for the Blue Dress : (M) or UK 12

  19. Richa at | | Reply

    Loved the owl print dress from gossippi!!!The size for this dress for me is M..Please please give me the dress!!i haven never won any give away ever!!

  20. deepa at | | Reply

    Fav product on the website :Brittany Belt Dress(Burgundy)
    Size for the Dress : M

  21. pratibhas at | | Reply

    Loved the 2 toned dress from Yetts.

    My dress size is 12

  22. Divya at | | Reply has an awesome collection. My favorite product at the website is the Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy). My size for the dress is S. Thanks P&P.

  23. Nazia at | | Reply

    retro yet modern… i alerady feel like a picnic with the hat on…

  24. payal at | | Reply

    i loved the Cat Print Top by Minimum boutique..:)
    n my size is L (large)..

  25. Vinisha Mendonca at | | Reply

    I liked so many of them… one of them is the Potters Pot Black Sequinned Tube Dress… A small sixe dress would fit me perfectly…. :-)

  26. Vinisha Mendonca at | | Reply

    I liked so many of them… one of them is the Potters Pot Black Sequinned Tube Dress… A small size dress would fit me perfectly…. :-)

  27. Kavita at | | Reply

    Hello High Heel Conf. folks,

    Good afternoon! Hope all is great..
    I like this dress – Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy) from category -Ark & Co. – Women. and size is Large!
    Its such a cute dress with burgundy color which adds life to this dress. I would love to have this dress in my wardrobe..

    Shine ON…

  28. Renisha at | | Reply

    Fav product : Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy) from Ark and Co.
    Size for Esley Dress: Size UK 10.

  29. Varsha Babel, India at | | Reply

    My fav dress on the website is the Maroon Ruched Dress – Ozel Dresses. My size for the above dress is M (UK12).

  30. afshan at | | Reply

    1. I have signed up for
    2. My most favorite product on their website is:Printed Maxi dress by Dex. Price: 4150 Rs.

    3. My size for this dress is M or UK size 12.

  31. Roshni Devi at | | Reply

    i absolutely loved the Striped Sleeveless Top on their site.

    My size is S/M

  32. Aditi Kumavat at | | Reply

    I loved the peach frill top by Ozel. It suits my style and I’ve been looking for something like it since a long time. Oh and I’m a UK size 10

  33. Avni at | | Reply

    The Black Flutter Sleeve Dress (Cutie-Women) Size UK 8

  34. prinka at | | Reply

    Guipure Lace Dress
    UK size – 12

    in love with this dress :)

    dress link –

  35. sayee at | | Reply

    1.Already a member so didn’t need to sign up .
    2.My favorite product on currently is Guipure lace dress.
    3.Size for the dress is UK12.

  36. Shilpa Malhotra at | | Reply

    Signed up at
    My fav item would be Potters Pot Black and White Dotted Contrast Pants.
    My size is S.


  37. khushboo Vijayvargiya at | | Reply

    i loved the FACE PRINT DRESS from Cutie women boutique collection,,very summery n fresh!!
    my size is U.K 10 (M size)
    i must say has some very pretty summer dress collection!!

  38. Anannya at | | Reply

    Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy)

    Size- XS

  39. deeps at | | Reply

    Burgundy belt dress- Ark and Co
    this dress in size M

  40. Shikha Kumar at | | Reply

    Hi P& P,

    My favorite product on the website is the Blue Polka Dot Dress

    My size is UK 10/12. Basically, medium.

  41. Saumya Chandra at | | Reply

    Brittany Belt Dress

    Size S

  42. Pallavi0629 at | | Reply

    i like the Black Trench Dress by Cutie.
    My size is XL

  43. rush.mih at | | Reply


    I like the pretty – Blue pleated dress.
    Size – UK Size 8

    Fingers crossed! :)

  44. Ranj at | | Reply

    Loved many dresses in
    One dress by Ozel Dresses: its a Red asymmetric Kaftan…its jus B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L :)

    My size is US size 8 (M)

  45. medini at | | Reply

    I want this amazing dress in small…and this beautiful baby will be my first dress :) pls help me win :)l

  46. Bela Trivedi at | | Reply

    Favorite product from website – Bird print vest with a pleated round neck. Sleeveless styling. Buttoned back.
    I required medium size

  47. Fatima at | | Reply

    I signed up! They have some great stuff!
    One of my favourite pieces is the A-Line Striped Top!

  48. Aprajita Gautam at | | Reply

    I like the Green printed dress of Ozel.
    My size is UK 8

  49. Priyanka Jain at | | Reply

    Favourite product – YELTS
    Size of the dress – SMALL

  50. preethi at | | Reply

    signed up for the site and my fav in the website is …
    my size would be XL

  51. Ritu at | | Reply

    Loved the plomo boots on the website though they r bit expensive. My size for the dress is UK10!

  52. bhavna at | | Reply

    my fav one is floral courgette print dress and my dree size is M.i would really crawl for it,giv me giv me

  53. jahnavi at | | Reply

    Wow! that website is amazing!
    My favourite dresses are the “Pastel blue flutter sleeve dress” , the ‘Floral Frill Dress Blue”
    because i think they are really pretty and chic.
    (The “Cat print top” is delish too” )

    Dress size : medium

  54. Sweta at | | Reply

    My favorite is the Teal Draped Dress under Ozel Dresses.

    My size “L”

  55. Nidhi, Bangalore at | | Reply

    Size 6

    I love the blue frill top from ozel dresses

  56. ashok at | | Reply

    brittany belt dress(burgundy) dress size m,my gf is so much crazy about ur link n want to make her happy by winning this one

  57. Roxanne at | | Reply

    Thanks for introducing me to a new shopping haven online!!
    And off course when shopping online I tend to over-do and fill my cart so much that I have 3 favorite products right now..
    – The Brittany belt dress in teal.. (Its lace! and teal! whats not to love?)
    – Pastel pink mini dress.. (Pastels is my new thing)
    – Beige Luciana Dress.. (I’ve always wanted a dress like this, mesh and peplum)

    And I hope you guys sense the pattern here. I’m a total dress person!
    Size S

  58. shweta at | | Reply

    my most favourite from the website was the FACE PRINT DRESS from the boutique – cutie .
    My size for the dress above would be M.
    THANK YOU !!!

  59. jaya at | | Reply

    Yetti- Orange skinny jeans…love it!! Somehow couldn’t find this dress on the website but I guess size is going to be M

  60. prateeksha at | | Reply

    loved the purple asymmetrical khatfan

    size is small

  61. prateeksha at | | Reply

    loved the purple asymmetrical khatfan

    size is small

  62. Astha at | | Reply

    Loved the Gossipi Pastel pink bird dress. My size is “S”.

  63. Roma Sachdeva at | | Reply

    Loved the turquoise Blue Overlap Jacket. The color is attractive and the pattern is quite different.

    My size for the dress is UK 16

  64. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Love the website!!! Gossipi’s Monochrome Bird Print Dress (size M) is amazing.

  65. Harsha at | | Reply

    Hi Payal! Loved your Summery Giveaway with!
    Signed up at the site –

    My favorite product which I loved on Rooja is this international design BLACK ELLA DRESS BY RENEE- perfect combination of Black and Nude Color :)

    My size for the giveaway dress which I really wish to own – M/L

  66. Sheela at | | Reply

    Love the Coral Eloise Dress ! My size would be M.

  67. Rini Mehta at | | Reply

    Bird Print Tea Dress
    Size – S

  68. Prerna at | | Reply

    Jus checked the collection.. all the stuff on the site are great.. great efforts have been done to handpick the best of the lot.. that can be done by an extremmely creative team at rooja.. great going..
    i esspecially loved the Face print dress by Cutie Apparels..
    Isnt it too chic and totally headturner..Excellent summer wear.. Louuuve

    The above dress is so pretty with an amazing color and cut.. my Size would be XL/L

  69. Friyan at | | Reply

    1. Signed up on
    2. Women – Renee – Coral Ella Dress – Rs. 4600.00/-
    Size: M/L, UK 14

  70. Nuttie Natters at | | Reply

    What a lovely dress and a lovely colour…

    Size – 12 (Blush!!!) – do they even make dresses that size. Make me happy, i just had a baby. I deserve to look good :-)

    1. Nuttie Natters at | | Reply

      and my favourite is the small paisley prints top from potters pot

  71. D'Cunha at | | Reply

    Favourite Product – Rust Balloon Shorts from Cutie – Women

    Dress Size: XS (US 0/UK 4)

  72. Shivani Bhasin at | | Reply

    Red knee length dress in the Ozel Dress section is great.
    Size Large

  73. Nidhi C at | | Reply

    My fav product – Blue Frill Dress by Cutie

    Size- XL/ UK 18/20

  74. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Love it!!! Gossipi’s Burgundy Bow Dress (Size M) is AMAZING!!!

  75. Neeharika J at | | Reply

    My favorite product is Camile from Plomo Shoes.
    My size- S

  76. Mnsa at | | Reply

    The Rose Print Dress by Ozel – A Perfect Summer Dress.
    Worn in Size S with red kitten heels! Aww!!

  77. Jayanti Anubhav at | | Reply

    Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy) dress by Gossipi stole my heart. That’s my favourite product in

    My size for the dress above is small.

  78. Nikita at | | Reply

    Favorite product: Black Overlap Jacket ; Size: L

  79. Beautiful Life at | | Reply

    Nylon Stampato Bauletto….and the size for the dress is US 6

  80. kamar at | | Reply

    super luv this

    registered :) also my chest size is 34

  81. Indu at | | Reply

    Favourite Dress: Monochrome bird print dress – Gossipi

    Size: Uk 10

  82. khyati javeri at | | Reply

    Raso stones clutch

  83. AKG at | | Reply

    1. Signed up using “connect with Facebook”
    2. My size for this dress would be UK 10

  84. AKG at | | Reply

    For membership am still on waiting list

  85. Nupur at | | Reply

    Aubergine Print Skater Dress
    Size S

  86. Ronkini Gupta at | | Reply

    Pastel Pink Bird Dress & Size – S

  87. Sanam Bhasin at | | Reply

    Brittany Belt Dress (Burgundy)
    Size: S (small)

  88. Diksha Kaur at | | Reply

    Rose Print Dress, size S

  89. Ankita Sharma at | | Reply

    Monochrome Printed Dress
    Size S

  90. Vibhuti at | | Reply

    nude embellished playsuit, size M

  91. shruti at | | Reply

    The winner is??

  92. Roxanne at | | Reply

    Hey why has my comment not been published? And its not even ‘waiting for approval’!!

    PnP you guys are falling back on your give aways!!
    There are 3 still pending!!

  93. ayesha at | | Reply

    no winner yet? :p

  94. Renisha at | | Reply

    What happened to this one? Did the folks at Rooja renege on their promise?

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