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  1. Ramya at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  2. Runul at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  3. Neeta at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  4. Amrita Sodhi at |

    Twinkle Khanna was carrying this clutch at the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash.

  5. Amrita Sodhi at |

    Twinkle Khanna was carrying it at the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash.

  6. Poornima at |

    Its twinkle khanna

  7. BirkinGurl at |


  8. shyba at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  9. aaroohii at |

    its twinkle khanna!

  10. yusra at |

    i totally own this contest..too bad i dont live in india..

  11. Archita at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna

  12. bijeta at |

    it was twinkle khanna

  13. Kari at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  14. Sonika at |

    Twinkle Khanna it is ji! And thank you for having an India based quiz ji.

  15. Evelyn at |

    Hey ladies,

    The celebrity in the picture is the beautiful and stylish Twinkle Khanna!

  16. Rock~n~Rose at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  17. pragya at |

    the celebrity is twinkle khanna-akshay kuamr’s wife.

  18. Juhi at |

    Twinkle Khanna was spotted with the said clutch.

  19. sheets at |

    its twinkle khanna…

    mannn i dont even recollect my test answers this well!! sighh

  20. aditi biswas at |

    its Twinkle Khanna……..i think so………hope ill get lucky!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nitika at |

    Twinkle Khanna?

  22. shruti at |

    Hi PnP,

    The celebrity in question is Twinkle Khanna. Here’s the link to the page: http://www.highheelconfidential.com/twinkle-khanna-in-diane-von-furstenberg-at-hdil-couture-week-opening-bash/

    already a fan of your fb page, and following you on twitter :)

  23. namrata at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna who is carrying this clutch bag at the recently held HDIL couture week.

  24. Prachi Prasad at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  25. R S at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna!

  26. Jyot at |


  27. shaan khanna at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  28. Avantika at |

    the celebrity who was spotted with this iconic clutch was “Twinkle Khanna”. :)

  29. Tarika at |

    Twinkle Khanna is the celebrity who carried this clutch.

  30. priyanshi at |

    Twinkle khanna

  31. priyanshi at |

    twinkle khanna carried this clutch

  32. tulip gupta at |

    twinkle khanna

  33. Mallika Kulkarni at |

    Hi, the celeb sporting the “iconic clutch” is Twinkle Khanna

  34. Parineeti at |

    Twinkle Khanna, wearing a green Diane von Furstenberg Dessie Dress, and carrying Twisha and Alisha Chinai.

    Perhaps the only woman who could wear a printed dress and carry a printed clutch!

    Sigh. I love. I want.

    P.S. P&P, please, please be kind :( First one to comment, already following you on T and FB, visit this page first thing every morning! Also joined the gym so that I could also get some of this lust-ness ;)

  35. nits at |

    twinkle khanna

  36. Vasudha Asher at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna!

  37. kavya at |

    twinkle khanna!

  38. Me at |

    As yummy as the bag looks,it was worn by an equally lovely lady(:P)..it was Twinkle Khanna.

  39. Priyanka at |

    Hey its twinkle Khanna….. i follow you on Facebook and twitter… :))

    Hope I win this!!!

  40. Viji at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna! :)

  41. mesta at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  42. Prettyinpink at |

    Hey, this clutch was carried by Twinkle Khanna to the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash. Already a fan on facebook, and the twitter link isn’t working, but will try again. Prerna :)

  43. kasthuri at |

    Wow ! I would love to own that. The celebrity is Twinkle Khanna !
    I have been doing my homework (or in this case, following ur blog consistently ;-) )

  44. Nidhi at |

    Twinkle Khanna…im a fan on fb (Shrinidhi Rai) as well as a follower on twitter (nidhi14jan)

  45. Chanel Lover at |

    Twinkle Kumar/Khanna!

  46. Roshni at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna.

  47. shipra at |

    twinkle khanna.

  48. devila at |

    twinkle khanna, twinkle khanna!!! i know u picked on this one cuz u said it was too many prints happening here!!!

  49. Parvati at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  50. Kannu at |

    Twinkle Khanna :)

  51. Priyanka Amrith at |

    Twinkle Khanna Of course!

  52. Ami at |

    The answer is Twinkle Khanna.

  53. Proneeta at |

    I believe this was Twinkle Khanna

  54. Aditi goyal at |

    the celeb is Twinkle khanna

  55. Priyanka Agarwal at |

    Twinkle Khanna

    I am a fan on facebook, and a follower on Twitter :)

  56. divya at |

    twinkle khanna it is..and i lovvveeee your blog :)!

  57. khadija masood at |

    its twinkle khanna

  58. Yashi Mehta at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  59. karishma at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna

  60. Genie at |

    Twinkle Khanna for sure :) :) good luck to me :)

  61. Raf at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  62. Deeksha at |

    I would have to say it is Twinkle khanna Kumar carrying this fabuloucious clutch :)

  63. Usha at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  64. medini at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  65. shruti at |

    My answer is Twinkle khanna..

    n yesss, i recognized it the moment i saw tht dress and hand… :) well, i really hope to win this time, as i have never ever won any contest kinda thing.. :(

    n well gr8 guys, u truly rock.. i ws wondering from sooo long that when would be the next giveaway… n here u r… mmuuuaaaahhhh.. :)

  66. Isha at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna! :-)

  67. MochaLatte at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  68. MochaLatte at |

    Well I already ‘like’ the FB page….thats where I check the updates. Now following you girls on twitter too..:)

  69. Avantika at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  70. Gayathri at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  71. Francesca at |

    She’s Twinkle Khanna…

  72. 31rue at |

    Twinkle Khanna, in what i think is a dvf dress..

  73. Jesal Dalal at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  74. tracy at |

    twinkle khanna

  75. Joseph John at |

    The celebrity is Twinkle Khanna. This time pls. my sis loves anything that Twinkle has. pls pls

  76. Puneeta at |

    twinkle khanna

  77. smittenbystyle at |

    Its twinkle khanna

  78. Aditi at |

    Twinkle Khanna.

    I’m already following you on FB and twitter!

  79. Komal Mehta at |

    ‘Twinkle Khanna at the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash

  80. kavita at |

    suzanne roshan

  81. Bhavna Tourani at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  82. Rishi Koshy at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  83. Amanat at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  84. richa at |

    TwInKlE KhAnNa

  85. Chaitra at |

    Twinkle Khanna :D

  86. Sid at |

    Hey guys!!!

    Great work with the blog.

    The celeb was Twinkle Khanna.

    Wish you guys a happy diwali!

  87. Ayesha siddiqua at |

    celebrity is Twinkle Khanna

  88. Moneesha Ramani at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  89. Aishwarya at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  90. Avni at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna!

  91. Ashmi at |

    Twinkle khanna

  92. javajive at |

    Its Twinkle but then I don’t live in India …

  93. Smriti Patrick at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  94. Anu at |

    Thats Twinkle Khanna

  95. Romi Meemroth at |

    Hello…..first of all thanks for the contest.I really looooove your blog and I have been religiously visiting your blog daily since the last 2 and a half years.I already follow your blog on facebook and now on twitter as well.Thanks for all the entertainment and the fun posts.The Twisha & Alisha Chinai Iconic Clutch was sported by Twinkle Khanna at the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash.She paired it with a floral Diane Von Furstenburg dress,a gold belt and a pair of gold pumps.

  96. Romi Meemroth at |

    The Twisha & Alisha Chinai Iconic Clutch was sported by Twinkle Khanna at the HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash.She paired it with a floral Diane Von Furstenburg dress,a gold belt and a pair of gold pumps.

  97. rB at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna

  98. Anjum at |

    Twinkle Khanna!!

  99. Shopaholic! at |


  100. Nitasha at |

    The flawless and timeless Twinkle Khanna Kumar! -Nitasha Jain

  101. ZI at |

    Twinkle Khanna :)

  102. Anu at |

    Its twinkle khanna for sure

  103. malaikah tejani at |

    answer is twinkle khanna

  104. veenu khandelwal at |

    I believe this is Twinkle Khanna.

  105. Prerna at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  106. Ruchika Arora at |

    twinkle khanna

  107. Neha at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  108. Shilpa at |

    Twinkle Khanna Kumar!

  109. shradhdha at |

    twinkle khanna

  110. Haritha Kancherla at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  111. Summer at |

    Twinkle Khanna…!!!! Please please please please i want this clutch soo bad!!!!

  112. Simran at |

    Answer: Twinkle Khanna

  113. Suhavna at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  114. appi at |

    hey its suzzane khan.

  115. rashmi at |

    Twinkle Khanna!!

  116. Revathy at |

    I think it’s Twinkle Khanna?

  117. Sheena at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  118. Dee at |

    Twinkle Khanna?

  119. vee at |

    Twinkle Khanna :)

  120. ila at |

    Twinkle Khanna…this clutch is a real beauty….it’s not for the fashion victim but the fashion trendsetter…

    1. ila at |

      why does it take 3 days for a comment to register?

  121. Gauri B at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  122. Gauri at |

    Twinkle Khanna.

  123. sumana at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  124. Megha at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  125. sarab at |

    twinkle khanna

  126. Ritu at |

    twinkle khanna

  127. ss at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna spotted with this bag. I follow you on twitter.

  128. Prerana at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  129. RM at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  130. Rash at |

    Twinkle Khanna !

  131. J at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  132. Balaji at |

    twinkle khanna. My wife wwould love this so doing it for her!

  133. avanyya Reddy at |

    twinkle Khanna

  134. dimpy at |

    The answer is :Twinkle khanna

  135. shweta at |

    Twinkle Khanna is the celebrity spotted with the clutch.

  136. Jesal Dalal at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna

  137. Henna at |

    priyanka chopra

  138. prets-a-prats at |

    its Twinkle Khanna… ya ya ya yay!!!! :)

  139. anam at |

    its twinkle khanna!

  140. sushree at |

    its Neeta Ambani

  141. monika s at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna…:)

  142. monika s at |

    following u on twitter as well on facebook..:)

  143. Ipshita at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna :)

  144. neha at |

    hey… i lik this….!! :)
    i think its TWINKLE KHANNA carrying the clutch…
    hope i win the “iconic clutch”.. ;)

  145. ankita at |

    twinkle khanna is carrying this clutch..

  146. aparna at |

    Twinkle Khanna.

  147. Basheera at |


  148. Basheera at |

    And that print…is from her DVF dress! =-)

  149. Niki at |

    Twinkle khanna

  150. swati at |

    How much i love giveaways …… answer – The very stylish Twinkle Khanna .

  151. Anwesha Singh at |

    It’s Twinkle Khanna

  152. Deepti at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  153. pushpa at |

    The celebrity – Twinkle Khanna

  154. Namita Menon at |

    Twinkle Khanna at HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash event.

  155. aisha a at |

    not from india though….i think twinkle khanna

  156. Diviya at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  157. mansi at |

    twinkle khanna

  158. shyba at |


    Am following you in a diffrent name in Twitter and Facebook-mehernisar…:)

  159. Sneha at |

    Not sure.. but I think its Twinkle Khanna carrying the clutch

  160. Aarthi A at |


  161. Shruti at |

    It was Twinkle Khanna.

  162. Reshma at |

    I think It’s Twinkle Khanna.. Is it??

  163. Nibha Kaul at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  164. Deepti Naithani at |

    Twinkle Khanna was spotted witht his clutch.

  165. Puja Singh at |

    Suzanne Roshan

  166. Gunjan Jain at |

    Twinkle Khanna at HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash

  167. Saba Shaikh at |


    The lady who was spotted with this lovely clutch recently is the gorgeous Twinkle Khanna.

    I so so so hope, I win. *fingers crossed*

  168. Apoorva at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna..

  169. Rachita at |

    Twinkle Khanna was spotted with this clutch at the HDIL Couture Week

  170. Neha Das at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  171. Sumita at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  172. Sumita Dalal at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna

  173. Kushal at |

    =Twinkle Khanna

  174. DD at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  175. Pratty at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Khanna’s wife

  176. JD at |

    Twinkle Khanna!

  177. yasmeen at |

    twinkle khanna is carring this cutch

  178. mruna at |

    Its Twinkle Khanna…recognise her from the Diane von Furstenberg Dessie Dress!

  179. natasha at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  180. Madhvi at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  181. Charanya at |

    Twinkle Khanna I say!!

  182. shivani at |

    thats twinkle khanna!

  183. neha kutar at |

    twinkle khanna! :)

  184. SHIVANI KAPOOR at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  185. Nazia Assad at |

    Twinkle Khanna (at HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash)

  186. SanjayC at |

    Mrs Twinkle Khanna

  187. PV at |

    Twinkle Khanna it is.

  188. Mansi at |

    Twinkle Khanna is the lady carrying this clutch

  189. Lamis at |

    Twinkle Khanna at HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash..

    I hope I win this :) :) :)

    Happy Diwali to you guys!

  190. Chhavi Virmani at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  191. HHC at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  192. manju at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  193. PJ at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  194. NITI at |

    Who else But our very own most Demure and Gorgeous- TWINKLE KHANNA. At HDIL Couture Week Opening Bash.

  195. jyoti ranjan at |

    twinkle khanna

  196. Divya at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  197. Neha Singh at |

    My guess is its Twinkle Khanna.

  198. Amrita Das at |

    The answer to the contest question is ‘Twinkle Khanna’

  199. ila at |

    Twinkle Khanna…this clutch is a real beauty….it’s not for the fashion victim but the fashion trendsetter…

  200. Viji at |

    Twinkle Khannnnnnnnnnaaa! :)

  201. Kat Hakim at |

    Twinkle Khanna :-)

  202. Nick at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  203. Hetal Chauhan at |

    I am follower of highheelconfidential and i really admire the way you guys give constructive critisism..

    the picture above is of TWINKLE KHANNA !!.

  204. Nicole at |

    Twinkle Khanna is the celebrity

  205. Gunjan Jain at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  206. Vineet Chattree at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  207. Vaishali Gopal at |

    Twinkle Khanna at HDIL Couture Week.

  208. Chanellover at |

    Twinkle Khanna/Kumar

  209. angel at |

    twinkle khanna

  210. Sylvia Dsouza at |

    Answer: Celebrity holding the clutch is “Twinkle Khanna”

  211. KS at |

    Hey guys wishing you all a Great Diwali!

  212. Rupa at |

    twinkle Khanna…..

  213. Rupa at |

    and am a fan on your facebook too :)

  214. Sneh at |

    Twinkle Khanna, no?

  215. pranati at |

    twinkle khanna

  216. Riddhi at |


    The celeb in question is Twinkle Khanna.

    Also, happy diwali!

  217. Seema at |

    Twinkle Khanna :)

  218. Seema at |

    Twinkle Khanna

  219. Sindu R at |

    The celebrity spotted with this Iconic clutch is Twinkle Khanna.

  220. sonal gaonkar at |

    twinkle khanna

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