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  1. zenia at |


  2. Swaty at |

    Have liked HHC on fb long back. Joined Blueprints Page as 549th Fan! :)
    Hope to win the lovely creations by Navya n Divya! Gr8 work by both! :) xoxo

  3. Gayatri Menon at |

    I love jumpsuits..! Mebbe ud pick me this time..
    ps: Outta curiosity, how on earth can u guys make certain that people have actually liked the fb pages..?

  4. Renisha at |

    Hi P&P,

    I’ve “Liked” both pages! Thanks for allowing us access to such goodies from time to time….And thank you to the good folks at Blueprint

  5. GoodLife at |

    Liked both pages (and left my email address) Crazy love for the Jumpsuit!

  6. 10zin at |

    Liked both pages. ( fingers crossed. I hope I win !)

  7. kg at |

    like both pages on FB

  8. Divya Iyer at |

    Liked! Now waiting for a miracle! :)

  9. tannima at |

    liked both the pages….
    Fb name Tannima Makin

  10. Trish at |

    P&P, are you guys seriously giving away such terrible clothes? Thumbs down on your worst giveaway.

  11. Dishpa at |

    Liked both the lovely pages….

  12. Apekshita at |

    liked both the pages…fingers crossed..!!! ;)

  13. Jen at |

    Liked! Have been to your page a thousand times, but my first comment here. I am addicted to your page :-)

  14. Meenakshi at |

    I lovee the flower print..Liked both pages..

  15. TD at |

    i like i like!

  16. Munira Maricar at |

    Liked both! Really hope you guys are willing to ship to Singapore :D

  17. A littleGirlinTheCrazyWorld. at |

    Well ofcourse, I liked both pages.


  18. Annie at |

    “LIKED” both pages :)

  19. teesha at |


    Liked Liked Liked…. :)

    Have always been a fan, today publicly a fan of HHC.. :)


  20. bayaa at |

    have liked both the pages.

  21. annie at |

    the dress ok but the black jumpsuit looks like a diy project by a 7 year old.

  22. arti at |

    liked both pages :}

  23. Shrinidhi Rai at |

    Liked both on FB

  24. Devika at |

    Liked Both the pages! :) Love the jumpsuit! super cute!

  25. Sonya V at |


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  27. Rashi at |

    Liked em both! Just realized that iv been using a different mail id for FB and leaving behind a different one on HHC!

  28. akaa at |

    liked/… like the dress here.. would love ti win !!

  29. Manasa Rao at |

    I’ve liked both the pages.

  30. Nafz at |

    Liked and Liked.

    And like the dress too.

  31. Komal at |

    Liked both pages

  32. Vidushi at |

    Hi ! I have liked both!

  33. Namrata at |

    Liked both the pages. In fact love yours :). Hoping I get lucky this time :)

  34. Katsura at |

    Liked :)
    I hope it’s open internationally ^^

  35. Deeksha at |

    *liked* fingers crossed!! :)

  36. Manpreet at |

    Liked the HHC page long time back.. liked Blueprint Coleccion today :)

  37. Amrita Singh at |

    LIKED!!!!! :D

  38. Vishakha at |

    liked n loved both pages….

  39. Sin at |

    I liked both pages on FB. Got my fingers crossed hoping to win atleast this time… :)

  40. Shrikala at |

    Liked it on FB and like it otherwise too!

  41. reema at |

    Hey, Liked both the pages. Love the outfits!

  42. monika at |

    Liked both pages :)

  43. manisha tiwari at |

    liked both the pages

  44. Priyanka Naidu at |

    Done & Done! Fingers crossed :)

  45. Richa Tanwar at |

    I have liked both the pages :)
    Now be the angels that you are and make me win the jumpsuit!! I jst love it!!

    Love n hugz!

  46. Veera at |

    Liked both pages! Good stuff guys!!

  47. Anindita at |

    Liked both pages!

  48. Ramya at |

    Liked both the pages. 615th fan of blueprint and I had liked your page loonnggg before ;)

  49. Prinka Wadhwa at |

    Liked both the pages :)

  50. Nitasha Chawla at |

    Hi..hoping to get lucky this time ..liked the pages :)

  51. epiphany aishwarya lepcha at |

    i have liked both the pages

  52. Vinisha Mendonca at |

    Hey liked the blueprint collection page…. i had already liked the HHC page long back….

  53. Vinisha Mendonca at |

    Done. liked the blueprints collection page… Was already a fan of HHC!!!

  54. nabila at |

    hey ya!!love your blog and have already liked it too on facebook and also the Blueprint Coleccio.Hoping to win.Awesome work by you two really appreciate it.

  55. sapna at |


    I liked both. Wish its me dis tym :)!

  56. Sheetal at |

    Liked both the pages…!!!
    Awww i love the jumpsuit! wanted to own one since a lonngg time!! I hope i do get picked this time! :)

  57. Saini at |

    Not just like, I <3 HHC. Also checked out and liked the Blueprint page! :)

  58. harneet at |

    liked both the pages :)

  59. Pooja at |

    I have ‘liked’ both the pages . Hope to win these beautiful outfits :)

  60. moumita at |

    both pages liked…keeping fingers crossd:-).luv hhc.

  61. Roops at |

    Is this only open to residents in India? US? Both?

  62. Sudha Sekhar at |

    Hi, i have liked both the pages..!!!

  63. Jyotsna at |

    Liked both pages

  64. Mallika at |

    Both pages liked :)

  65. Krithi Marla Mithun at |

    I have liked both the pages (HHC) & (Blueprint)
    Nice piece of design and hope to win it ;)

  66. shivangi at |

    Liked both the pages!

  67. Shweta at |

    done..and done!

  68. Smriti at |

    Liked the pages. Hope I win :)

  69. Veda Kashyap at |

    I’ve liked both the pages.

  70. Fashion Freak at |

    Liked both the pages!!
    Really hope I win this time, love the jumpsuit :)

  71. Yashni at |

    The things people say to win free stuff. This looks worse than my local tailor’s clothes. What’s going on with the sleeves on that dress? Even school uniforms look smarter.

    Sorry blue print.

    1. Padma at |

      The truest comment till date.

  72. Prabhjyot at |

    liked both the pages… both the dresses will look g8 on me.. Hope to win…!!!

  73. MEGHA SHARMA at |

    Liked, liked, likedd!!! both the pages..:D..
    CAN I WIN THIS TIME…:p..:)
    I loved the checked dress …<3 <3

  74. Yukti Tuli at |


    I have liked both the pages..
    BTW how do you pick winners?

  75. Rania at |

    Whoa….I would never be caught dead in these clothes!

  76. Namrata at |

    Liked both pages :)

  77. Padma at |


  78. JUHI DUTTA at |

    Liked both the pages !!!

  79. Shweta Shrivastava at |

    Liked both the pages!

  80. Shruti at |

    Already following you on FB, liked Blueprint as well :)
    Lusting for that Floral Dress :)

  81. MEGHA SHARMA at |

    Liked both pages..wanna win win win!!!…:D

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